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Infestations of wildlife can really take a toll on your property. Damage can be done that requires expensive repairs if you don't stay on top of removal of various pests from your home or property. Whether your attic has been invaded by squirrels or your basement overrun by rats, Bug-Off Exterminators can safely and humanely handle removal of all kinds of invasive wildlife.

Bug-Off Exterminators in Woodstock Georgia provide professional service for removal, exclusion, trapping, insulation repairs and baiting of various wildlife, both for the interior and exterior of your property. Our exterminators are available for routine and emergency wildlife control calls.

Inspection: A complete inspection of your property is the first phase of the wildlife prevention plan. Our Woodstock based Bug-Off inspector will look for signs of infestation and sources of entry. This will help aid in removal and prevention of further infestation.

Recommendation: After a thorough inspection, our wildlife control and management inspector will offer a solution to the problem. This will include recommendations on trapping, possibly baiting and prevention of a repeat infestation. The idea is to offer a complete solution so that the problem won't happen again.

Treatment: The best and most effective methods for control of wildlife include trapping, exclusion and insulation repair and replacement. Humane trapping is the first step. In most cases, animals are live trapped for removal. After trapping, the exterminator will use exclusion to seal off any points of entry. Entry points often include small holes and openings in fences, walls and rooves. After closing off entry points, some insulation may need to be removed and replaced because animal droppings and urine can cause serious damage to insulation.

Evaluation: After inspection, recommendation and treatment, a follow up evaluation is performed. At Bug-Off, we guarantee success in prevention of a repeat problem with wildlife invasion. The follow up will involve checking traps for animals and exclusion points for signs of damage or attempted entry.

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A Bug-Off exterminator will use several different trapping methods, depending on the type of animal. Trap options for control and removal of wildlife include: general mouse traps, live traps and excluder traps.

General Mouse Trap: A general mouse trap is the same trap most people commonly use in their homes to trap mice. They are effective in trapping mice and rats. The best way to get good results with general mouse traps is to ensure they are placed strategically in high activity areas.

Live Trapping: Live trapping involves cage traps that humanely trap rodents without killing them. The trap's design involves a trap door that can easily be pushed open one way but will not open when the animal tries to escape. Once the animal is trapped, an exterminator can remove it from the property safely.

Bear in mind that while these traps are humane, and the animal will not be hurt, sometimes trapped animals do make distress noises. Don't be alarmed if this happens. Simply contact Bug-Off, and we will send out a wildlife control expert to handle the traps for you.

Excluder Traps: Another humane wildlife removal method is the excluder trap. Excluder traps are placed over openings, such as holes in fences or rooflines, and securely attached to the property. These traps are especially effective in capturing animals that are living in an attic, allowing them to exit safely through the entry point for removal without being harmed. You may hear trapped animals in your attic making noise. Again, just call Bug-Off, and one of our Woodstock professionals will come take care of the removal.

Exterior Baiting Stations: When traditional traps might not work, bait boxes may be the solution. Baited box traps are placed on the exterior of a property in order to trap wildlife, such as mice or rats, before they ever enter your home or building. These are best used in areas of high traffic for the wildlife pests in question.

Exclusion is the best method to prevent a wildlife infestation. This can be done prior to an infestation problem or to prevent further problems once extermination has been done. We offer both partial and full exclusion services.

Exclusion involves sealing off all entry points for wildlife. In a highly methodical system, we use 29 gauge metal sheeting around the roofline. This is effective in closing up holes and gaps between decking boards and fascia boards. Gable vents in your attic may also offer entry points for wildlife, such as bats, and need to be sealed off. Gable vents are sealed with wire mesh material to maintain air flow.

Exclusion services begin with a full inspection. During inspection, we will locate the entry points, help you determine whether you need partial or full exclusion and offer you a price quote. Price will depend in part on the size of the property and how much sealing is required.

If you require full exclusion, this involves a guaranteed and complete service. You will not have any re-entry of wildlife at any of the sealed locations with this particular service. The full service also includes an option for yearly renewal.

Partial exclusion is a more affordable option for cases with limited entry points. The partial service isn't guaranteed, as an excluded point may cause an animal to create a new entrance, but it can still be highly effective. You may wish to try the partial service first and move to full service if it isn't completely solving the problem.

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