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If you need a reliable, effective exterminator for unwanted wildlife, look no further. Bug-Off Exterminators specializes in the safe and humane removal of all kinds of wildlife from your property. From Squirrels and rats to raccoons and opossums, we are committed to removal and exclusion solutions that will keep your property safe and varmint-free. We provide professional exclusion, trapping, insulation and baiting services to remove wildlife from inside buildings and from outdoor environments. Let our exterminators keep unwanted animals from invading and destroying your attic, basement, garage and yard. We have you covered in a wildlife emergency.

Inspection: When we send a Smyrna Bug-Off exterminator to your home, he will begin by identifying any signs of infestation. This will include finding signs of animal presence and locating where the wildlife is entering your home. Finally, our professional inspector will identify how the situation can be controlled in order to keep your garage, attic or property pest-free.

Recommendation: Once a control plan is identified, the inspector will present you with a plan of action. Solutions to the infestation problem will not only remove the unwanted wildlife but keep the wildlife problem permanently under control.

Treatment: The most effective treatment plan for wildlife control is a three step process: trapping, exclusion and insulation. First, any live animals on the property are humanely trapped for removal. Exclusion prevents reentry by closing off the holes or openings used by wildlife to enter your home or property. Finally, insulation in your home is inspected, and any damaged insulation is replaced.

Evaluation: Our Smyrna Georgia based wildlife removal guarantees a successful outcome. This means that an exterminator will return to your property for a follow up evaluation which includes monitoring traps and checking the exclusion seals. We aim for complete and long-term satisfaction with your wildlife invasion problems.

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We pride ourselves in humane wildlife removal. This means that Bug-Off always uses the appropriate trap for each animal problem. We use mouse traps, live traps and excluder traps depending on what species we are dealing with.

General Mouse Trap: Mouse traps have been used for many years to effectively trap mice and rats. The key to effectively trapping with a general mouse trap is placing the traps strategically for effective control and removal.

Live Trapping: Trap door traps are used to catch various wildlife to remove them from the property. Cages are designed with doors that animals can easily enter but not get back out of. The cage trap can then be used to easily remove the animal from the property and release it into the wild. Sometimes trapped animals may cry in distress or bang on the cage. Do not be alarmed if this happens. Just give one of our wildlife control experts a call, and we will take care of it.

Excluder Trap: Another option for removal of pests is the wildlife excluder trap. The excluder trap can be attached to an opening in a roof, wall or floor where wildlife have previously entered the property. Similar to the live trap, an animal can enter the trap, say from your attic, but cannot get back out of the cage. When you hear or notice the trap working, one of our Smyrna exterminators will come for removal of the trap, and the animals will be released into the wild.

Exterior Baiting Stations: Bait boxes are another effective method of trapping and removal of wildlife. Generally used for an infestation of mice or rats, a bait box is an industrial box trap placed on the exterior of your home or building. Bait inside the box lures the rodents inside where they are easily trapped before they can enter the property.

The exclusion method is an extreme wildlife prevention plan that may be necessary in some cases. This method uses metal sheeting applied to any openings on the property, such as the roofline and gable vents. Our Smyrna based company offers full exclusion and partial exclusion services.

Full exclusion includes sealing off every possible entry point around the roofline. This is done by applying the 29 gauge metal sheeting behind the gutters. This will seal off gaps between decking board and fascia board, making it impossible for animals, like bats, to get in at any point. This service is completely guaranteed to prevent wildlife entry.

Partial exclusion, while not fully guaranteed, is a highly effective and more budget friendly plan. Specific entry points are sealed off with this method. Wildlife may create new entry points, but more often than not, sealing off main entry points does the trick.

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