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Are you overrun with a pest infestation? Has your home or place of work been damaged by squirrels, rats, bats, racoons, opossums or moles? Wildlife infestations, whether in your attic, basement, kitchen, garage or yard, can cause serious property damage and health concerns. Bug-Off Exterminators, Inc. specializes in the control and removal of unwanted wildlife on your property. Our professional removal and exclusion solutions are effective for interiors and exteriors. We offer exclusion, trapping, baiting, and insulation services for both routine and emergency situations.

Inspection: The first step in the process will be a complete inspection of your home or property for signs of wildlife infestation. An inspector from our Sandy Springs branch will locate the source of the problem. Once the entry points are found, the exterminator can show you how these pests are getting onto the property and how you can take control.

Recommendation: Next, our pest exterminator will offer a recommendation for a control program. This plan will address the current infestation and offer preventative measures for potential future infestation problems.

Treatment: A treatment plan for complete elimination of the wildlife problem includes trapping, exclusion and insulation services. First, any live animals on the property, such as in the attic or basement, will be trapped and removed to their natural habitat. Exclusion follows trapping. Exclusion involves sealing off all entry points where wildlife may be gaining access to the property. Finally, insulation services may be necessary. Insulation can become damaged and unsanitary due to animal droppings, and it will need to be replaced.

Evaluation: Effective wildlife removal and control is not complete without a follow up review. Prevention of a recurring infestation is guaranteed by Bug-Off's Sandy Springs Georgia service. For a follow up evaluation, an exterminator will return to your property to monitor traps, check exclusion seals to ensure long-term satisfaction and a wildlife free home and property.

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Bug-Off in Sandy Springs uses several different traps for the removal and control of rodents and other wildlife. Traps for removing pests from the interior and exterior of property include: general mouse traps, live traps, excluder traps and bait stations. Different traps are used for different types of animals.

General Mouse Trap: General mouse traps are most commonly used to trap mice and rats. Although these traps are simple, and have been used for many years, they are still highly effective when placed strategically. They have also undergone design changes over the years for more effective results.

Live Trapping: Live traps, with trap door effect, allow exterminators to trap wildlife for removal without killing them. Animals are able to enter the traps, but they can't get out. After an animal is trapped, a control expert can remove it from the property and release it into the wild. Sometimes animals caught in live traps will call out in distress. Don't be alarmed if this happens. Simply call us, and one of our Sandy Springs Bug-Off experts will come out to handle the removal for you.

Excluder Traps: Excluder traps offer another solution for humane removal of wildlife. These traps are formed from small cages that can be attached over an opening in a wall or roof. Most often, these traps are used around the roofline where small animals like rats and squirrels tend to enter. Wildlife living in the attic can exit your home through the excluder trap but cannot escape the trap. Once an animal has been caged in the trap, call one of our exterminators for removal. As with animals in live traps, sometimes caged wildlife may make some noise, especially when attempting to reenter the property.

Exterior Baiting Stations: When dealing with a rat or mouse infestation, sometimes bait boxes are the best solution. Bait is placed in a locked industrial box that is placed on the exterior of your property. These boxes allow access to targeted wildlife, including small rodents. Bait stations are placed in highly infested areas on the edge of the property for best results. Again, once trapped, an exterminator can deal with the removal.

Exclusion is a method of wildlife control designed to keep pests from ever entering your property. It is as much preventative as it is a method of control. Excluding involves closing off any openings and holes where wildlife may enter or exit the property.

We use a methodical system to attach 29 gauge metal sheet around your property's roofline. This sheeting is attached behind the gutters in order to seal potential space between decking and fascia boards. Gable vents are also sometimes covered with wire mesh as bats commonly use them as entrances or roosting areas.

The first step in exclusion is a free inspection. Our inspection includes a review of the property to best understand the specific needs and to offer a price quote. Price will vary depending on the amount of roofline to be covered and number of vents and roof angles to be sealed.

Bug-Off offers two methods of exclusion options. Full exclusion service includes sealing all potential wildlife entrances. This full service option is guaranteed to be successful at keeping wildlife from entering through any sealed points. It also comes with the option to renew annually.

Partial exclusion is a more affordable option. The partial exclusion service involves sealing off only specific points which are known to be problematic. Sometimes wildlife pests will create new entry points when their regular entrances are sealed off, thus the partial method is not fully guaranteed. However, partial exclusion is often still effective. If the partial system does not fully solve the problem, a full exclusion upgrade may be necessary.

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