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Bug-Off Exterminators, Inc. pledges to humanely get rid of unwanted wildlife from your building in Milton, Georgia. We have the ability to implement removal strategies like trapping. We recommend using an exterminator as rats, mice, squirrels and other wildlife carry disease. Our company can control the situation with our exclusion and removal services. When your assigned technician inspects your property, the specialist will discuss the possible solutions.

Inspection – We use inspection as the first step for removal. Your expert will carefully review your home in places like the attic and basement to identify the cause. This includes finding entry points that have allowed wildlife to get into your home.

Recommendation – After determining the responsible source, your removal specialist will recommend a thorough wildlife control plan. This includes taking care of the current issue and discussing how to prevent further infestations.

Treatment – After making the recommendation, your exterminator will discuss sealing holes and gaps as exclusion is the best way to prevent future outbreaks. You will also learn about trapping and insulation services. Once the animal is trapped, we relocate it to a safe area far from your property. Finally, we use insulation, which involves getting rid of any that came into contact with droppings. Once your exterminator disposes of that in a sanitary manner, the pest control specialist moves on to replacing it with uncontaminated insulation.

Evaluation – After the above steps, we conduct an evaluation to ensure our methods worked. Because we stand by our ability to handle wildlife infestations, we offer our customers a renewal service guarantee. Your exterminator will come back to monitor traps. Next, the pest control technician reviews exclusion to ensure all entry points were sealed.

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We have many kinds of traps at our disposal. The type used depends on the animal, and if the exterminator needs removal to occur inside or outside. Live traps, excluder traps and mouse traps eliminate wildlife inside. A technician will use the most appropriate trap for the situation, taking into account the type of wildlife you need removed.

General Traps – Exterminators use general traps for mice and rats. However, you must know where to place traps and how to bait them. Technicians in Milton will know where to place them for proper trapping and removal of wildlife.

Live Trapping – This method does not kill the animal as the cage part has a trap door. When the rodent enters the trap, it cannot exit because it has no place to go. Once verified, the specialist releases the rodent. You may hear noise when the animal traps itself, but we advise against doing wildlife removal yourself because the animal may carry disease. Once you know the wildlife went into the trap, call us and we will take care of the removal, including if this happened in the basement or the attic.

Excluder Traps – These traps keep wildlife alive. They have a small cage that latches onto the affected building. The exterminator puts the excluder over any gap or hole in the roof area. This trap works well for raccoons that get into attics. A wildlife animal has the ability to exit the trap but cannot re-enter. Removal then takes place once the animal exits the excluder trap. Be aware that while wildlife cannot come back into this trap, some will try. You may hear a noise if that happens.

Exterior Bait Stations – We use bait boxes as an outside solution to deal with wildlife like mice or rats. These exterior baiting stations house the bait inside a strong box. Only small rodents enter bait boxes. An exterminator will place the box in the area to control the infestation.

Exclusion seals cracks and gaps that allow wildlife and pests to enter your space. Until this takes place, pests and animals will freely come and go. Our exclusion method involves bolting 29-gauge sheet metal around the roof. The specialist places this behind gutters to seal entry points. In terms of bats, they may enter your property through gable vents. For added security, your exterminator may use wire mesh to seal vents.

Until you speak to an exterminator, you may not know if you need partial or full exclusion for removal in Milton. Full exclusion takes place when an exterminator seals all entry points. We guarantee the service for a year and provide our customers with the option to renew on a yearly basis. Our guarantee also means you should not see signs of re-entry at sealed places.

We use partial exclusion to seal a specific spot or multiple entry points. We cannot offer our guarantee with this method because rodents, bugs and other wildlife may make new entry points. We use this service when full exclusion of wildlife seems unnecessary. Our company also recommends this when clients need a cost-effective approach to trapping and removal. Depending on the situation, your exterminator may start with partial exclusion to see if that takes care of wildlife in your attic, basement and other places. If not, your exterminator will likely recommend our full-exclusion service.

To find out what fits your needs, call us for a free inspection so we may provide a quote. Pricing varies based on the footage of the roofline, the number of gable vents and the amount of roof angles that require sealing for removal in the Milton, Georgia area.

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