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Invading animals can create a lot of damage in Marietta, Georgia, requiring expensive repairs that are also an inconvenience. It isn’t safe to have a wildlife infestation because animals can carry pathogens such as worms or fleas that are left behind on surfaces. It isn’t appropriate for amateurs to approach or capture wildlife due to the dangers of bites that can transmit the rabies virus. A professional pest-control technician understands how to cope with a variety of animals.

If a property owner delays seeking assistance from a pest-control company, then the infestation from mice, opossums and other vermin will get worse. Animals such as rats breed rapidly, and the animals leave pheromone trails on surfaces that will attract other wildlife. Instead of having only a few invading animals in a building’s attic or wall spaces, a property owner will have hundreds of mice chewing on the wood foundation and electrical wires.

A pest-control technician will inspect a building to determine what types of animals are infesting a building before creating a removal plan. Proper removal of wildlife can prevent the problems caused by the odor of decaying corpses. If animals are poisoned, then the bodies remain in impossible to reach wall spaces. Not only will a building begin to have a foul odor, but also, the fleas and worms on the decaying animals will remain inside a building.

Planning for the removal of wildlife might include using exclusion, trapping or baiting methods. Today, most exterminators prefer using trapping and exclusion procedures rather than baiting with poisons. However, using poisons is sometimes necessary for the exterior areas of a property. While exclusion and trapping of wildlife will take additional time along with multiple visits from a pest-control expert, it is more effective than poisoning a few animals.

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A pest-control technician can place traps near the exits that animals are using to capture an animal humanely before transporting it to a new location. Alternatively, some animals such as rats and mice are euthanized to prevent a new infestation.

When property owners are coping with frequent wildlife invasions, it is imperative to seal out the animals. Rodents, bats and birds can squeeze through tiny crevices and holes, and after the animals are inside a building’s walls and attic, a lot of damage begins to occur. Attics and wall spaces have insulation wires and electrical systems that are ruined by the animals’ urine and droppings. After the insulation and drywall is saturated, property owners will begin to notice a foul odor emanating throughout a building.

Our wildlife technicians can provide additional valuable services such as removing contaminated insulation, vacuuming the filthy droppings and sealing small holes or crevices with wire mesh or liquid caulking. This process prevents new infestations because it removes the smelly pheromone trails left behind by invading squirrels or rats. Wildlife exclusion is a vital part of professional control of pests.

When a building has an infestation of wildlife, don’t try to solve the problem because it is can cause more problems. Call a pest-control expert who understands the local regulations and methods for eliminating a variety of animals, including squirrels, raccoons, bats and mice.

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