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In choosing us for your Kennesaw, Georgia wildlife control services, you can rest assured that you’ve selected a company committed to the safe and humane removal of the wildlife on your property causing a disturbance.

Don’t let unwanted wildlife in your garage, attic, basement, kitchen, or yard cause disturbances that potentially jeopardize the peace and safety of your home, family, and those surrounding you.

We offer trapping services, baiting services, exclusion services, and insulation services. Whether your wildlife problem is exterior, interior, or both, we have just the right control method to deal with your rat, bat, mole, opossum, squirrel, and other pest and nuisance wildlife problem swiftly and thoroughly. Our team of professionals are standing by for all of your emergency and routine wildlife control needs.

We offer a four-point wildlife prevention plan for your Kennesaw, Georgia property to ensure you receive only the most comprehensive services.

1. Inspection Of Your Kennesaw Property - The first step our exterminator technicians take is inspecting your property from top to bottom. They’ll identify any signs of animal infestation, the specific type of animal causing the infestation, and how they’re getting into your home or onto your property.

2. Recommendation For Wildlife Control - Once your property has been inspected, your exterminator can make professional recommendations on how to control your problem. This will include both how to solve the current infestation or invasion and any corrections that can be made to prevent future ones from occurring.

3. Going Forward With Professional Treatment - Depending on the circumstances, your exterminator may recommend a combination of trapping, exclusion, removal, and or insulation services as treatment options for the wildlife invading your Kennesaw property. Live animals living on or in your property may need to be trapped for removal to a more appropriate and safe habitat. Exclusion services then seal up any openings the wildlife was using to gain entry so that future invasions can be better avoided. Insulation services deal with the removal, disposal, and replacement of insulation components that have been damaged, destroyed, or contaminated by the wildlife.

4. Follow-Up On The Treatment Plan - The last component of our wildlife prevention plan is to follow-up on the trapping, exclusion, removal, and insulation treatments to ensure they were effective at solving the previous problem. Aside from monitoring current exclusion and trapping, prevention services help identify new and recurring issues that may need their own treatment plan.

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You have several options when it comes to interior trapping and removal of pest and nuisance wildlife, including excluder traps, live traps, and general rodent traps. You also have a couple options for exterior traps.

General Rodent Trap - This is your standard mouse and rat trap that’s designed to catch and remove rodents in your attic, basement, kitchen, and other interior areas. While the basic operation remains the same, these trapping devices have evolved to become more efficient, durable, and effective. Your exterminator will identify the best placement of the trap to achieve the best results.

Live Trapping - This non-lethal trapping and removal method enables your exterminator to safely catch and release the wildlife disturbing your property without harming the animal. Specially designed cages with trap door mechanisms are used to allow the animal to enter, but not exit, the trap. One thing to remember here is that wild animals don’t usually take well to being confined. They make make noises and exhibit aggressive behavior. You can rest assured that our trapping cages are perfectly secure once the animal has entered it.

Excluder Traps - This is another non-lethal trap and removal option for wildlife and rodents invading your Kennesaw property. This small cage attaches to openings and gaps on your home’s roofline, which is a common entry point for nuisance and pest wildlife. Once your technician identifies the entry/exit points the animal is using, the trap can be be strategically placed to capture it and deny it reentry.

Exterior Bait Boxes - Baiting stations are an exterior treatment option for rat and mice infestations. These industrial-designed boxes lock baits away from pets and children, only allowing small rodents entry to the bait. After assessing your Kennesaw property, your technician will strategically place the bait station adjacent to an exterior wall near an infested area.

Exclusion methods seal the gaps, holes, and tiny openings rodents freely use to enter and exit your home. Your technician, for example, may affix a metal sheet behind the gutters around your roofline as part of the exclusion plan. This effectively seals decking and fascia board gaps.

Gable vents are another common entry point. Bats particularly love this spot for roosting. Wire mesh metal is an excellent exclusion method because it prevents entry without restricting the vent’s air flow.

The specific methods needed will be based upon your exterminator inspection. In any case, exclusion must be approached systematically for it to be most effective. This is why recommend full exclusion for the best results.

Partial exclusion seals only specific entry points, usually those visible upon inspection. While this is more friendly to your exterminator budgeting, it’s also far less effective than a full exclusion. There’s no preventive assurances that the rodent simply won’t create a new entry/exit point.

Of course, your Kennesaw wildlife removal begins with a phone call to us. Once we complete a free inspection of your attic, basement, and the rest of your property, we will understand the infestation, animal(s) involved, and the extent of exclusion needed. From our cost estimate and detailed treatment plan, you’re able to make a truly informed decision on solving your wildlife invasion problem.

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