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Bug-Off Exterminators, Inc. is committed to removing wildlife from your Johns Creek property humanely and safely. Nuisance animals put you and those around you at risk. Whether they get into your basement, attic, garage, kitchen or yard, our wildlife exclusion, removal and trapping professionals will remove them.

We offer removal solutions for interior and exterior spaces including basements and attics where bats, moles, opossums, raccoons, rats, squirrels and other wildlife appear. Call us for baiting service, exclusion service, insulation service, removal service or trapping service. Bug-Off Exterminators, Inc. is your reliable go-to Johns Creek, Georgia exterminator/removal service whether your situation is routine or an emergency.

Inspection: First we will thoroughly inspect your property for any signs of wildlife infestation. The inspector will identify the source of the problem, then show where the animals are getting into your property, removal options and how this can be prevented.

Recommendation: One of our wildlife management professionals will present you with an animal control recommendation. The animal control program will address the current issue as well as solutions to prevent future wildlife problems.

Treatment: Procedures for effective wildlife control may include exclusion, insulation and trapping services. Trapping involves safely capturing live animals and removal to a secure habitat. Exclusion involves sealing openings that may let animals in. Insulation services include removal of unsanitary insulation that may be contaminated with animal droppings and installing new insulation.

Evaluation: Follow-up service is key in effective wildlife control. We guarantee the animal infestation will not recur. This includes monitoring our exclusion seals and traps in basement, attics and other wildlife control areas.

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Rodents inside a property can be trapped and removed in several ways. They include excluder traps, live traps and general mouse traps. Which to use depends on the animal to be removed.

Excluder Traps: These traps remove rodents and other wildlife without harming the creature. Excluder traps are small cages attached to a structure over a gap along the roofline where rodents may enter. They allow animals in the attic to exit but not to reenter. Animals are then ready for humane removal to a safe habitat.

Live Traps: This method removes the animal without killing it. Wildlife can easily enter but not exit. The animal can then be removed safely. Contact Bug-Off for removal once the animal is caught in the trap, since trapped animals may make quite a lot of noise.

General Mouse Traps: If the exterminator places them properly, these effective and durable traps can actively remove mouse and rat infestations.

Baiting Stations: This exterior method for high infestation areas uses baits an exterminator places inside a small box that excludes animals other than the small target rodent.

Excluding rodent pests from a property involves sealing openings through which the wildlife may enter. Around the roofline, this service uses metal sheeting to cover these attic openings. For bats, gable vents can be sealed with wire mesh to keep them from roosting inside gables without restricting attic ventilation. Pricing depends upon the number of gable vents and the linear footage of the roofline.

Complete wildlife exclusion requires sealing all potential entry points. The full wildlife exclusion service comes with a guarantee. Clients have the option to renew. We guarantee that wildlife will not reenter through the sealed areas.

Partial exclusion seals one or more specified points of entry. This service doesn’t come with a guarantee because it can’t be ensured that animals won’t create other points of entry at the roofline. This cost-effective exterminator service is often effective in excluding rodents and other nuisance animals. However, if partial exclusion doesn’t work then full exclusion may be required.

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