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When wildlife like rats, bats, raccoons, moles, squirrels, opossums, and other critters invade your property, it can easily become an unsafe situation for both you, neighbors, and the wild animals. Removal becomes necessary for the peace and health of your property and it’s occupants.

Our removal and exclusion services offer you a comprehensive system to solve such disturbances and control future infestations. We use safe and humane removal methods to professionally rid your interior and/or exterior property, including hot-spot areas like the attic, basement, kitchen, and garage, from invading wildlife. Depend on us for all your routine and emergency exclusion, trapping and removal, insulation, and baiting services.

The first step to keeping wildlife away from your Canton, Georgia property is to call Bug-Off Exterminators for your wildlife prevention plan. What does the plan entail?

Our professional pest management inspector comes to your property to locate the signs of wildlife infestation. This will identify the source of the pest or nuisance animal, the size of the infestation, where pests are gaining entrance and exit, and the best options for wildlife removal and control.

Our professional pest management specialist offers you a plan of action for the removal of wildlife from your property. It’s called a wildlife control program, and it’s designed to both solve the current infestation and correct any conditions that could lead to future infestations.

Based on the above, you and your exterminator can decide on the best treatment and removal procedures to eliminate the infestation. The most effective methodologies include trapping, exclusion, and insulation.

Trapping involves humanely catching live animals, removal from your property, and relocating the animal to a more safe and ideal wildlife habitat.

Exclusion seals up any entry points, such as small holes and cracks, that infestations have/could use to get into your property. This step is key to preventing future infestations.

Insulation services safely remove and dispose of attic insulation that’s been soiled and/or damaged by the wildlife infestation, which can be a serious health and safety risk to the occupants of your home. New materials replace what’s removed.

If you truly want effective, long-term control against invading wildlife and pests, then you’ll want wildlife renewal services. This service follows-up on previous treatment plans to monitor traps and exclusion services and recommend key wildlife control updates as they arise.

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Wildlife and rodents can be trapped and removed from the interior of your property via a number of different methodologies. These services work differently, and selection is largely based on the type of infestation.

General mouse traps have evolved to become more durable and effective at actively removing mice and rats, but effectiveness largely hinges upon proper placement of the traps.

Live trapping is another exterminator methodology. The goal is wildlife containment. It involves non-lethal trapping of the wildlife in trap door cages that prohibit the entering animal from exiting. The trapped animal can make a lot of ruckus. You’ll simply call us to come and collect the trap. We safely relocate and release the animal in a more suitable habitat.

Excluder traps are another non-lethal option that operates similarly to live trapping of wildlife. The target can leave the cage after entering but cannot re-enter. This trap is ideal for cracks and openings near your basement and attic. The cage structure attaches over the gaps where the rodent or other wildlife is entering/exiting. Again, you simply call your Bug-Off exterminator to come and collect the trap once the animal exits it.

Exterior baiting stations are a lethal pest control option to treat areas highly infested with rats and mice. Our bait boxes are placed adjacent to the property. They lock the bait inside an industrial-grade box that’s designed to only allow the bait to be accessed by small rodents.

Property exclusion methodically seals gaps and openings that rodents are using to enter and exit your home. For example, an exclusion recommendation for bat infestations involves sealing gable vents with a wire mesh that prevents wildlife entry without restricting air flow.

Customers have two options - full exclusion and partial exclusion. Full exclusion is the most effective and comprehensive service option. It seals all possible entry points and is accompanied by a no re-entry guarantee for the sealed locations. Optional renewal is available. Because partial exclusion only seals specific entry and exit points, which leaves the possibility of a rodent creating or using a different entry point, this service isn’t accompanied by a guarantee against re-entry. While a more budget friendly service, partial exclusion can leave your basement and attic at risk for future infestations.

Recommendations may include the full exclusion method of affixing a sheet of metal around the roofline behind the gutters, which seals gaps between decking and fascia boards. The price here is based on the roofline’s linear footage and number of angles and vents.

Our free detailed inspection will help you understand where and how wildlife and pests are entering your Canton, Georgia property. Based on your exterminator’s recommendations, you’ll be able to gain quoted prices for both partial and full exclusion services to see which best meets your needs, expectations, and budget.

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