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Raccoons, opossums and bats are all awesome creatures to watch at the zoo, yet they have no place living on your property. When you spot one of these fluffy creatures, it is important to seek help from a professional because their cute looks are quite deceiving. Wild animals are the worst pests for creating damage because they will chew through your home’s yard, walls and insulation in an effort to make their nests. Their waste also presents a health hazard for everyone who lives at or visits your property in Atlanta, Georgia.

Animal control becomes challenging when it comes to wild life because there are sometimes laws in place that restrict how you trap and relocate pests such as raccoons and birds. It is also important to avoid bites that transmit dangerous diseases. Fortunately, professional pest technicians have the training and experience to address these issues so that you can prevent an ongoing infestation without breaking the law or getting hurt.

Each of our pest control technicians is a registered professional that we trust to develop and implement an effective wildlife control plan. Since every wild animal infestation is different, they will come to your property and perform an intensive inspection to identify the source of the problem. For the most effective results, your plan should involve more than just removing the wildlife. It will also include strategies for exclusion to prevent reinfestations. Depending upon the location and severity of your infestations, repairs may also be recommended such as insulation replacement to restore the integrity and safety of your home.

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For most types of wildlife, the best treatment method is trapping and removal. This ensures that you are not left with deceased animals on your property that spread disease, and it may be required to stay in compliance with the law. It is also more humane than other methods for animals that are beneficial for the environment but not welcome in your home. Once the animal has been lured into the trap, it is removed by our professional technician to a safe and comfortable habitat that supports its needs while being far away from other people’s property.

Once each wild animal is removed from your property, the exclusion process of your service begins. Our pest technician will use their expertise to inspect your property for entry points that provided a way for the infestation to start along with damage that has been sustained due to the wild animal’s activity. Then, several more services may be performed to prevent recurrences such as sealing your roofline and any additional gaps that are found around your property. Your technician will also vacuum any droppings that were left behind, and they may need to remove insulation that has been compromised by wild animal waste.

Wild animals quickly set up their nests and begin causing damage when they feel safe on your property. Prevent your home from becoming a threat to human health and safety by scheduling for your wild life removal service today.

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