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At Bug-OFF Exterminators, our goal is to ensure the removal of wildlife in your property in a safe and humane manner. Wildlife can be a nuisance for you and your family. Our professional team will ensure that those unwanted critters in your kitchen, basement, attic are gotten rid of. We have a highly-qualified team that specializes in removing wildlife such as racoons, bats, squirrels, rats and other critters.

Our company offers various wildlife removal services in Alpharetta, Georgia such as trapping, baiting, exclusion and insulation services.

The first thing we always do is to carry out a thorough inspection in your home to identify any signs of wildlife infestation. After identifying the source of the infestation, our inspector will inform you of the source of the wildlife and how the problem can be controlled.

The next step will be a recommendation where the Bug-off professional will provide an wildlife control plan or program addressing the identified problem. Our professional will also give trapping solutions that will help eradicate the problem and prevent it from occurring again in future.

Wildlife Control is never easy. Some of the effective ways our company uses include exclusion, trapping and insulation. The treatment or removal process involves trapping live animals within your home and taking them to the right place.

Exclusion is the process of sealing up any openings or tiny holes that could be letting in unwanted guest to your home. Insulation service includes the removal and disposal of unsanitary insulation as a result of wildlife droppings. We then replace it with new insulation.

Evaluation is one of the most important and effective ways of animal control in Alpharetta and any other place. Our company understands the importance of evaluation and use it to satisfy the needs of all of our customers in Georgia.

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There are different methods exterminators use to trap and remove rodents and other wildlife in your property. They include a live trap and excluder trap.

Live trapping or control is the removal of animals or any other wildlife without necessarily killing it. The cages have a trap door effect – the wildlife or animal can’t get out once it has entered in. They are then taken out of your attic or home and released in a safe environment.

Excluder traps are another removal option for rodents for safe removal. An excluder trap is a small cage that’s attached to your property - usually the opening on the roofline where the wildlife enters and exits. The excluder trap is designed to allow the critter in the attic to get out but not to re-enter.

Exterior bait stations is another method used by most companies in Alpharetta to control rat infestations. It is a technique that uses small boxes in the treatment or removal of mice or rat infestation. The baits are usually locked inside an industrial box where only small targeted rodents can gain access.

Exclusion is the most common control method used by companies in Alpharetta to remove wildlife infestations. It is a more sophisticated method that needs affixing a metal sheet around the roofline and attic. Gable vents are potential entry points for bats and squirrels. The exclusion method ensures that these vents are sealed using a wire mesh that doesn’t affect airflow in the house. For the best results, you need a detailed inspection to understand the entry points of the wildlife. The price depends on the linear footage of your roofline that needs to be sealed which includes the number of entry points. It is also important to note that exclusion is a guaranteed service.

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