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Bug-Off Exterminators, Inc. is dedicated to the humane and safe removal of wildlife from properties in Acworth, Georgia and surrounding areas. These disturbances pose a potential risk to yourself and others. When unwanted wildlife enters into your garage, basement, yard, or attic, you don't have a good chance of removing it yourself. You should always turn to a professional for exclusion and removal solutions.

Inspection is the first of many steps in a thorough plan for the prevention and removal of wildlife on your property. A Bug-Off exterminator and inspector will look at every inch of your home to determine where your problem areas are. Whether the wildlife pests are in your attic, basement, or backyard, our professionals will find the source.

A professional exterminator will develop a specific plan to handle any wildlife that is found on your property. You'll also be provided with tips for preventing such an infestation in the future.

All wildlife control and removal techniques revolve around insulation, trapping, and exclusion services that help to eliminate animal infestations. After all wildlife has been trapped, the exclusion process ensures that all open wholes in your attic, basement, or garage are sealed.

Follow-up treatments and inspections are crucial to keeping wildlife off of your property. If needed, exterminators can perform another removal process of trapping and exclusion. There are times when exclusion seals and traps need to be routinely inspected.

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Professionals in Acworth have a variety of methods for the trapping and removal of rodents along with other forms of wildlife from inside your home. Some of these popular options are live traps, excluder traps, and general traps.

General Traps: These traps are used for the routine removal of rats and mice by an exterminator.

Live Trapping: This procedure makes it possible to remove wildlife from your home without killing. It is possible to get your wildlife problem under control without harming animals.

Excluder Trap: This is another method for wildlife control that doesn't cause any harm. Wildlife can exit these traps but not reenter through them. This is an effective method of removal that helps to control the number of rodents and other wildlife from entering your home.

Baiting Stations: A bait box is a method designed to control mice or rat infestations on the outside of your property. Industrial boxes with bait are set outside to target small wildlife. These boxes are set next to your property in areas with high infestations.

Excluding your property that is full of wildlife requires all openings and gaps to be sealed. This helps to prevent other small animals from entering your home. The process of exclusion requires a highly methodical and organized approach. We usually start by placing a 29-gauge sheet of metal around your entire roofline. This metal strip gets applied on the backside of the gutters to seal up any potential gaps that exist in between the fascia board and the decking board. We provide a free inspection that is required to get a better understanding of your wildlife infestation and the different points of entry. We will also offer you a quoted price for removal. The price will be wholly dependent upon your unique situation.

In order to conduct a full exclusion, we have to seal off every entry point. You have an option to renew this service each year when you purchase a full exclusion service. We guarantee that no animal will reenter through these sealed locations.

Through a partial exclusion method, we seal only specific points of entry. This won't be a guaranteed process because animals can find other ways of entering your home. However, this is a budget-friendly option when compared to our full exclusion method. You will still see results with the partial exclusion but not as much as the full service.

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