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Believe it or not, wasps are social insects. They are constantly searching for new food sources, areas to hibernate in the colder months, and nesting sites that work well for mating purposes. They typically build their nests close to or inside of openings that lead into a dwelling, such as attic spaces, garage corners, and wall voids. Unfortunately, when nests are this close to the home, the humans living inside are at greater risk. These nasty insects can quickly infest a Georgia home, causing homeowners a lot of stress and worry. Many adults, children, and even pets are allergic to stings from these fast but furious insects. It’s very important to be able to identify this type of insect in order to call in the right wasp nest removal company for the job. A wasp exterminator in Woodstock, Georgia is the type of exterminator homeowners and business owners will want to call when they have a problem with wasps- sooner than later.

A wasp exterminator can safely and effectively identify and execute a wasp nest removal on the outside of your Woodstock home or business. Always call pest control when you have an infestation of this type of pest. Many stinging insects, such as the ball-faced hornet, become extremely aggressive when bothered. Their nests will require a very quick knockdown. A wasp exterminator in Woodstock will have the right skills to approach the nest carefully and avoid getting stung. Another route the exterminator can choose is to use aerosol products to knockdown a nest. These products contain botanical ingredients that are often useful in this situation. Wasp nest removal should only be performed by a licenced company that has years of experience behind them.

In some cases, nests found in the Woodstock area are not as easily exposed as others. For example, cicada killers and yellowjackets often build their nests in the ground. A reputable pest control company will use an insecticide dust to effectively treat a ground nest. Exterminators have the proper equipment on hand to do the job, such as a ladder and a pole extension. This will allow them to apply the insecticide properly. Nests that are harder to reach will usually require additional pricing.

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When you call a local pest control company, they will first ask a few questions to determine the severity of the infestation. They will then schedule an appointment to perform a thorough inspection of all of your property to find and identify the offending wasp nest or nests. Many homeowners do not realize that there is more than one nest on their property. A professional inspection by a licensed wasp nest removal company will be able to seek out and find any and all nests. Since many are often located in the ground, wasp nests can be difficult to detect. If you notice wasps or other stinging insects near your home but cannot locate the source, this is often the case.

After the exterminator identifies any and all wasp nests, extermination can begin. The pest technician will use an effective aerosol product that, when sprayed correctly, will cause the wasps to fall down. This is called the knockdown effect. An exterminator should always be in charge of this method as it allows them to safely take out the nest. The technician will know just how to perform the wasp nest removal without causing a furious swarm of wasps that could pose a safety risk to those around.

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