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It's important for the homeowner to know that wasps are social creatures, especially in a state like Georgia. They're also highly opportunistic. They consistently are looking for nests, different food sources for their mates, and sometimes even a place to hibernate when the temperature gets colder. It's for this reason that it's a problem for many, as wasps tend to make their homes near openings or areas that are close to your home. They're fond of holes and attics.

Their instincts to construct their nests near humans make them dangerous, as they're known to infest spaces and produce powerful stings to anyone who gets too close. Their painful stings are usually the reason people look for wasp nest removal. While adults are only worried about these things, and rightfully so, pets and children are usually at a higher risk. This fact alone is generally enough for homeowners to consider wasp nest removal. If you want to successfully combat these wasps, it is important to understand the species of wasp you're dealing with. This is the first step.

Treating your home or business requires a trusted professional. Professional wasp nest removal isn't like removing just any old insect. Not only will an exterminator understand the wasp they're dealing with, but they also understand the safety hazards, best practices, and how to mitigate the wasp's ability to sting.

It just so happens that some wasps are extremely aggressive, such as the bald-faced hornet. This particular insect will require special procedures to assure a job well done. Exterminators use an aerosol that is composed of botanical ingredients. This compound is based on essential oils and has been proven effective in quickly remedying wasp problems. However, wasps don't have to be in view of the homeowner. Many times in Marietta we've dealt with yellow jackets as well as cicada killers. These nests are always located on the ground. If you're going to be successful in treating ground nests, you're going to need insecticide dust. If the nest does happen to be in the air, the exterminator may need a ladder to apply the dust. If your nest is located very high, the customer will assume additional costs.

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The service visit is pretty straightforward for the homeowner. It generally starts with the technician asking some questions about what you've seen. After that, they'll carefully observe the area to confirm the issue.

Wasp nests that are in the ground aren't always easy to see for someone not accustomed to pest control. This is usually when you find that you have an influx of wasps but you can't determine where they are coming from. Don't worry, our wasp nest removal efforts are accustomed to locating nests. When the exterminator has found the nest, they will use an aerosol product with the aim of freezing the offending nest. The freezing will cause the wasps to fall down. We call this the knockdown effect. This paralyzes the wasps allowing the exterminator to safely extract the nest from the area.

For over 30 years, we have been the trusted source in Marietta wasp nest removal. If you're looking for a professional wasp exterminator, don't hesitate to call us at 770.928.8000. We're available not just in Marietta, but the whole of Cobb County.