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During warmer months in Atalanta, Georgia, wasps are constantly scouting out locations. They’re social insects, and they’re always on the lookout for sites that are ideal for nesting and plentiful with food and potential mates. You’re likely to find that your home’s crevices provide just such a site, particularly if it’s an older home. Wasps commonly build their nests within siding gaps and in the small openings left between your home and gutters.

Encountering a single wasp may seem benign, but it often means that the swarm is nearby. Swarms are a serious threat and a nightmare to deal with on your own. Many homeowners choose to call an exterminator to professionally handle the situation.

When you notice a large presence of wasps, it usually means that they have or are in the process of building nests. This means your property is at significant risk for an infestation. A single wasp sting is painful for pets, children, and adults alike. However, multiple stings or a single sting to someone with an allergy can easily become a medical emergency.

Not sure if you’re dealing with a wasp infestation? Your exterminator is trained to identify the insect and then develop a safe wasp nest removal strategy.

It’s important to note that some wasp breeds are more aggressive than others and are even more difficult to get rid of in a safe manner. For example, the ball-faced hornet is highly aggressive and has a very painful, potent sting. Implementing the wrong pest control measures can make a pest situation more volatile. An Atlanta exterminator has the experience and equipment necessary to deescalate prior to treatment.

Wasp nest removal is a type of pest control offered by professional exterminators. In order to ensure your safety, the safety of pest control workers, and the effectiveness of the treatment, your exterminator will develop a detailed plan of action.

One wasp nest removal option your exterminator may select to use is a botanical aerosol product. These are quite popular due to their efficiency and safety.

Many pest nests aren’t exposed and as simple to remove, though. Some species, including yellow jackets, prefer to build their nests in hollow wall voids or within the grounds of your Atlanta property. Your wasp exterminator will be able to identify the particular species invading your property so that the right measures can be taken. For ground nests, your exterminator may choose an insecticide in dust form.

Nests built extremely high in the air make wasp nest removal even more difficult. Such nests may require your wasp exterminator to use a pole and/or ladder, and treatment costs are typically more expensive.

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The first thing our exterminator will do is ask you about what you’ve observed; this helps provide a starting point for his/her professional assessment. Now, your exterminator can do an examination of your interior and exterior home and property.

This assessment will provide you with some key information, including species, nest size, nest location, and number of nests. Many homeowners mistakenly assume that they only have a single nest, or they may see pests flying around despite being unable to locate a nest. A trained specialist, however, is familiar with the pest problems common to the Atlanta, Georgia area and where and how a particular species nests, including those that build their nests underground.

Once your exterminator has identified all the nests, treatment can begin. Your exterminator will carefully select the right products, application techniques, and equipment to solve your pest problem. This usually begins with the “knockdown effect,” which involves an aerosol product to lessen the aggression and activity levels of the pests. Once the insects fall down, the exterminator can safely remove the nest without escalating the risk of getting stung or angering the insects to swarm.

Do you suspect a wasp, yellow jacket, or other stinging-pest infestation is putting your Atlanta, Georgia home at risk? If so, it may be time to call in a pest control specialist to help. Call us today to schedule your assessment or get a quote for professional wasp nest removal.