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Wasps are continuously on the search for mates, nesting sites, food sources, and during the warm months. These social insects typically build their nests in your home's crevices and slight openings such as underneath gutters or within cracks in the siding. Older homes are especially more susceptible. While a single wasp might not seem like a major threat, an entire swarm is a nightmare and an exterminator may need to be called.

Having a large presence of these insects can lead to the construction of nests which places your home at risk an infestation. Stings from these insects are especially hurtful for pets, children, and people suffering from related allergies. An exterminator has the ability to identify the pest, which is an important step towards an eventual strategy for wasp nest removal.

Pest control, and wasp nest removal more specifically, requires a detailed approach in order to ensure the safety of workers and the success of the process. There are some pests such as the ball-faced hornet that pack a serious sting. It's difficult to deal with these aggressive breeds, but an exterminator has the necessary equipment and experience. In order to knock down these pests, your exterminator may use a type of aerosol product that contains botanical ingredients. These products have become more popular in recent years for wasp nest removal.

Not all nests are easy to access and remove. There are even some species, such as yellow jackets, that build their nests in the ground or in wall voids. This is why it's important to hire a wasp nest removal specialist who knows how to deal with all the species active in the Alpharetta area. Your exterminator might opt to use insecticide dust to get rid of these ground nests. An exposed nest might be easier to access, but a pole and extension ladder may be necessary. Keep in mind that removing these nests might be more expensive if they are located very high up.

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Your exterminator is going to ask you a series of questions about the activity you've observed before he or she gets to work. Next, this professional will conduct a thorough assessment of your home and property to determine if you have an infestation or not. Specialists familiar with pest problems in the Alpharetta area will know what to keep an eye out for. Although you might think there's only one nest, a trained specialist might be able to detect more. Keep in mind that wasp nests are sometimes difficult to locate because of their presence underground. When you see these pests swarming around and can't see any obvious nest, it might be a sign that they've built a home underground.

After all of the nests are identified, your exterminator will begin to treat the nests with the right products and equipment. This overall process involves the spraying of aerosol products in order to diminish the activity and aggression of these pests. Once the swarm falls down, this is known as the knockdown effect, the exterminator can move in and remove nests in a safe manner without having to worry about getting swarmed and stung. This also ensures your family isn't bothered by an angry group of wasps.

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