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Most homeowners think they'll never have a termite infestation. Unfortunately, these wood-eating insects turn up in far too many homes. One day everything seems fine, and the next you're finding mud tubes along baseboards or noticing soft spots behind the paint. Your first reaction is to start swatting the flying termites as they emerge, hoping you can control them like spiders or cockroaches. Unfortunately, that won't be enough. At the earliest sign of a termite problem, you're better off to make the call to us and get professional help.

We all like to do things ourselves, and for many pest control situations, it can work out. A termite infestation is a totally different issue. Controlling them requires incredible attention to the little things, with accurate and precise treatments to eliminate the problem. The process begins with the right termiticide product, and the best on the market is Termidor. With applications of Termidor through our HP machine, we can place each injection exactly twelve inches deep and spaced six inches apart, creating a termiticide barrier underground that prevents termite access from your foundation and the wood above it.

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Colonies of eastern subterranean termites are deep underground, well out of sight. The most effective technique for protecting your home is to have an uninterrupted termiticide barrier applied around the entire foundation. Because subterranean termites are so common around Smyrna, Georgia, it is wise to apply such a barrier as a preventive treatment in order to prevent an infestation from developing. For nearly 20 years, Termidor has been the product of choice for termite control, and it is the only product we use for treatments. Subterranean termites invade a home from a number of different locations, working their way in through cracks in the foundation, inside concrete blocks, or by simply building a mud tunnel from the ground to the nearest wood. The wall between the house and garage is a particularly common entry point. To keep termites at bay and protect your home from subterranean termites in Smyrna, you need a professional application of Termidor.

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After you call us for help, we will set a date and time for one of our Termite Inspectors to visit you and review your situation. This expert will review your areas of concern as well as check around the home for any signs of termite activity. Because Termidor can also be applied as a preventative treatment, we can apply it to protect your home from termite activity for up to ten years. It also does not repel termites, so they will not be turned away from the barrier before it can control them. The inspector will then get some measurements to help calculate the quote for our services. If you accept the price, the inspector will schedule a date and time for the treatment team to come and complete the work.

The treatment process itself may take as little as an hour or possibly several hours, depending on the size and type of foundation. Our technicians are experienced and thoroughly trained with the HP machine we use for application, and they will see to it that your treatment is applied at precisely the depth of twelve inches with six inches between injection points. The product will be applied as close to the foundation as possible. After completing the treatment, the technician will finalize the paperwork, including a precise measurement of the amount of Termidor applied, as determined by the HP machine. This device will provide a reading within one-tenth of an ounce, ensuring that the treatment is accurate.

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