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Termites are very small insects that eat wood. Most homeowners never consider the possibility that termites would take aim at the wood that makes up their home. There are times when a homeowner will see a small hole or notice wood that is softer than normal but fail to recognize these as early signs of a termite infestation. Imagine their dismay when they come home a short time later and find winged termites flying inside their home. Do not make the mistake of thinking you can deal with termites the way you would deal with other insects like spiders or cockroaches. Instead, it is probably best to call a professional exterminator to control the problem.

There is nothing wrong with a do-it-yourself approach. In some cases, it can be quite impressive. But termites present a unique set of problems to the homeowner. Accuracy and attention to detail are important when attempting to bring a termite infestation under control. The first consideration is hiring an exterminator that provides treatment with Termidor. The HP machine we use can inject the termiticide a foot deep into the ground with six inches between each injection. This assures the treatment is applied evenly and protects the entire foundation.

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It is difficult to locate a colony of Eastern subterranean termites because they live underground. Subterranean termites are common in Sandy Springs, Georgia and it will benefit your peace of mind to get regular treatments of termiticide. The number one termiticide over the last two decades has been Termidor. Many homeowners choose Termidor exclusively for termite treatment.

Subterranean termites can gain access to the foundation of a house through a variety of locations that include the area next to a poured basement wall or the slab's perimeter. They can also gain access through expansion joints and then find their way into an interior wall of your home. These access points are normally located between the garage and the home's interior. Termidor treatment should also be delivered to crawl spaces. This is another location of easy access for termites.

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We will send a termite inspector out to evaluate the situation in your Sandy Springs home as soon as you contact us. Our inspector will determine the extent of your termite infestation and provide a blueprint on how to control them. Next, our inspector will measure your home and provide you with a quote for services. If you choose us as the exterminator to control the termite problem in your Sandy Springs home, a date and time will be scheduled for your Termidor treatment. Treatment with Termidor will benefit termite control in your home for ten years so it is also a great preventative action for homes in Sandy Springs that are not currently infested with termites.

The time it takes for an exterminator to perform a Termidor treatment in your home will depend on the size of the building and the foundation type. The technicians we send to your home are experienced with the machine we use and will inject Termidor as close to your foundation as possible. The Termidor will also be injected a foot deep which is the ideal depth to control termites. The HP machine used by the exterminator will track the amount of termiticide used and you will get a complete and accurate report. It is important to note that a major reason for the effectiveness of Termidor is it acts as a non-repellant. This means termites will not be aware of its presence.

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