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To the untrained eye, a termite problem seems to manifest overnight. However, before anyone spots these winged insects, subtle signs of their presence often appear, such as tiny holes or pliability in wooden structural components. The thought of termites is fear-eliciting, and most homeowners' first instinct is to seek and eradicate these house-destroying insects in the same manner as they would when faced with ants, cockroaches or spiders. Unfortunately, termite treatment requires a level of expertise that only a professional exterminator can provide.

Our exterminators in Roswell, Georgia possess the accuracy, experience and meticulousness necessary to control active termite colonies. To address a termite problem, we use Termidor, which is a top-line termiticide. At 6-inch intervals around the perimeter of a home's foundation, we inject Termidor into 1-foot-deep holes with the aid of an HP machine.

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Eastern subterranean termite are a common pest in Roswell, Georgia. These insects can quickly infiltrate buildings through expansion joints in a basement wall or a slab foundation. Once they gain access to a home, termites will work their way to interior walls. Crawl spaces and the adjoining wall between the home and the garage are two particularly vulnerable entry points. A comprehensive application of Termidor is recommended to stop subterranean termite populations from destroying Roswell homes. Since eastern subterranean termites nest underground, it is impossible to pinpoint the exact location of their colony. Therefore, an effective treatment method is to build a soil barrier around the entire foundation of a home and inject the trench with Termidor. We choose Termidor over other termiticides because of its long-standing reputation for successful termite control.

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If you want your home checked for termites, contact our team of professional exterminators in Roswell, Georgia. You can schedule an appointment with one of our inspectors who will come to your home and assess whether termites are present. If he finds termites, the inspector will take measurements of your property and give you a quote for the cost of termite treatment. He can also schedule an appointment with one of our exterminators if you decide to have your home treated. Even if the inspector does not discover any termites, you still have the option of making an appointment for preventative termite control service. Termidor is not only a treatment for active termites but also an insecticide for termite prevention. One treatment has a high potency level, providing a decade of protection after it is applied.

Depending on your home's foundation and size, a termite control treatment may take as few as 1 hour or as many as several hours. All our technicians possess the necessary training and experience to use an HP machine. With the PID in hand, the exterminator who comes to your home will inject an application of Termidor every 6 inches closely along the foundation until he treats the entire perimeter. Each injection goes 1 foot below the surface of the soil as treatment at that depth achieves highly effective results. Since Termidor is a non-repellent treatment, the termites will not be able to detect the insecticide's presence. Due to its ability to monitor and meter Termidor applications to one-tenth of an ounce, our HP machine offers an accurate, non-invasive way to control termites. After the technician completes the injections, he will provide you with paperwork that details his use of Termidor, and you can rest easier knowing your termite problem is under control.

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