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Termites are tiny insects that consume wood, even chewing up homes as part of their meal! Although most people assume their home will never be infested with termites, it happens surprisingly often. All of a sudden a small hole here and a soft piece of wood there add up to a full-blown infestation of these flying critters in your home. If you are tempted to handle termite control by yourself, you might want to think again and consider contacting a professional termite exterminator in the Milton, Georgia area.

Having a DIY attitude is wonderful, but accuracy, efficiency, and attention to detail are crucial for successfully eradicating termites from your Milton property. The key detail in termite control is using the most effective termiticide possible: Termidor. Applied using our HP machine, we have the ability to precisely inject it exactly one-foot deep for every six inches of space. This even barrier in the soil under the foundation of your home provides termite control for the entire area.

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Since Eastern subterranean termites reside underground, locating their colony can be next to impossible. The best way to ensure your property is protected against termite infestation is by having a professional exterminator create a continuous barrier of soil around your home's foundation. Subterranean termites are common in Milton, making it worth considering an effective termiticide around the foundation of your home. Since 2000, we have relied on exclusively on Termidor for our termite control.

Many areas of a foundation are vulnerable to a subterranean termite infestation. Whether it is adjacent to a poured basement wall or the slab, subterranean termites can access the foundation through your home's expansion joints and then travel up through an interior wall, most often the shared wall between the home and garage. Crawl spaces are also susceptible since these nasty pests can travel through the outside or inside of hollow block walls. To protect your home as a preventative measure or control a current infestation in Milton, Termidor treatment is the best way method of treatment to consider.

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When you reach out to us for termite treatment, we will send an experienced Termite exterminator to assess your situation and develop a course of treatment. If you are worried your property is already infested, the inspector can evaluate the area of suspicion and confirm the infestation. Moving forward, our inspector will then measure the treatment area and give you a quote for termite control.

Once you decide to go ahead with treatment, our inspector will schedule a time and day that works best for you. As a preventative measure, Termidor can be applied and will last for up to 10 years. Our skilled inspector can evaluate your property and decide the best termite control for keeping your home safe from these pesky insects. Based on the type of foundation and how big the building is, termite treatment will last anywhere from one hour to a few hours. Our well-trained technicians are experienced, skilled, and dedicated to keeping your property guarded against these pests.

Termidor will be injected as close to the building and foundation as possible using a special machine, the HP machine. This advanced machine -- which our technicians are fully trained and experienced in using -- injects the termiticide one-foot deep every six inches, the ideal range for preventing termite infestation.

One of Termidors advantages is that termites are unable to detect it in the soil. As soon as it is applied, the technician records the amount of Termidor used (the HP machines records the exact amount used). This equates to the most effective, least invasive treatment option.

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