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Termites are tiny wood-eating insects that most people seem to believe will never end up in their home. It is often the case that people who end up with termite infestations never saw it coming. They notice some soft wood or maybe a small hole, and the next thing you know you have winged termites flying around inside your home. Though rather than thinking you can handle termites the same way you would roaches or spiders, it's always best to give us a call.

Having a do-it-yourself attitude is fantastic, but when it comes to termites, detail and accuracy are very important. The first and most important detail is using the best termiticide and the best is Termidor. By applying Termidor through our HP machine we can inject it exactly a foot deep every six inches. This creates an even barrier under the soil which protects every inch around your home's foundation.

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Eastern subterranean termites live underground and it is not possible to determine where a colony may be located. The best way to protect your property from termites is by creating a continuous soil barrier around the foundation. In Marietta, Georgia, subterranean termites are very common and for peace of mind, it is ideal to put down an effective termiticide. Termidor has been the number one termiticide since the year 2000 and we exclusively use it for our termite treatments. Subterranean termites can infest buildings from many points in a foundation. This can be around the perimeter of a slab or next to a poured basement wall. They can gain access through expansion joints and come up in an interior wall. This is usually the shared wall between the garage and inside the house. Crawl spaces are also very vulnerable because termites can work their way up inside or outside the hollow block walls. To control and protect your property from subterranean termites in Marietta it is always best to apply a Termidor treatment.

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When you contact us for service, we will schedule to have a Termite Inspector come out and evaluate the situation. If you are concerned you have a termite infestation, the inspector can check the problem area and confirm that it is a termite infestation. The inspector will measure your property and provide a quote for services. If you are ready to move forward with the services the inspector can schedule a day and time for a termite treatment. Termite control with Termidor can also be applied as a preventative. The treatment last for ten years so even if you don't have termites today it can continue to protect your home for years after the treatment.

The termite treatment can be as quick as an hour or a few hours depending on the size of the building and the type of foundation. Our technicians are well-trained and versed at using the technology of the HP machine. They will walk the PID around your property and inject Termidor every six inches. The injections are right up next to the house as close to the foundation as we can get. The PID shoots the termiticide about a foot deep which is the ideal range to prevent termites. Termidor is also a non-repellent so termites have no idea it is in the soil. Once the technicians are finished injecting then they will complete the paperwork by adding Termidor used. The HP machine tracks and controls the amount of Termidor used down to 1/10th of an ounce. This makes it the most accurate and least invasive treatment available.

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