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Insects called termites consume wood. The majority of people think they will never experience a termite problem until they have an infestation and have to decide if they should call an exterminator to control the problem. They may see softened wood and/or little holes, and they may see these bugs flying through their home when these destructive pests are present. When this happens, it’s unwise to think termites can be eliminated in the same manner as cockroaches and spiders. Calling us is the best thing to do for treatment.

It’s comforting to think you’re in control and you can do things yourself, but dealing with termites requires accuracy, skill, and a competent exterminator. It’s most important that the best termiticide is used to control the problem. The best one to use is Termidor. With our HP machine, we can apply Termidor by injecting it 12-inches deep and spacing the applications six inches apart. We do this kind of treatment in an effort to make an effective barrier underground that protects the area around the foundation.

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Termite colonies that live underground in the East are impossible to locate. The insects in these colonies are called Eastern subterranean termites. Creating an uninterrupted barrier along the foundation is the most effective way to protect your home from them. Subterranean termites are commonly found in Johns Creek, Georgia. If you don’t want to worry about getting termites if you live in Johns Creek, you should apply a potent termiticide. Since 2000, the top termiticide has been Termidor. We only use Termidor for treating termite problems.

There are several points in a building’s foundation where subterranean termites can enter a Johns Creek structure. They can be found along the outside of the slab, or adjacent to the cement wall of a basement. Termites can enter a building through an expansion joint or through the inside of a wall. Typically, the garage and the house share a wall like this. Also at risk are crawl spaces since termites go up empty walls. The application of Termidor is the best treatment for subterranean termite control and protection in the Johns Creek area.

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The moment you ask us for help to control the situation, we’ll make arrangements with you to schedule an evaluation to be performed by one of our termite inspectors. If termite infestation is suspected, confirmation of an infestation will be made by the inspector after examining the area of concern. He will take measurements of your property and give you a service quote. Treatment for termites will then be scheduled by the inspector if you want to proceed at that time. We can also apply Termidor to prevent termites. Treatment lasts for up to ten years.

Treatment can take an hour or more. It all depends on the building’s size and what kind of foundation the building is on. Our HP machine is controlled by expert technicians who inject Termidor around the property, spacing the injections six inches apart. Termidor is injected as near to the foundation as possible. The termiticide is shot approximately one foot into the soil. Since Termidor is a non-repellent, termites cannot tell that it’s in the ground. Tracking and control of how much Termidor is used is done by the HP machine. This termite treatment is the most minimally invasive and precise one used by any exterminator.

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