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Most of us have seen tiny insects with wings, and yet many do not understand what they are or why there are so many of them. The reality is those flying insects are termites, and before anyone knows what’s happening, you discover the reason is that of a termite infestation you never thought would invade your home. Understandably, your first reaction is to control the problem on your own with the same products used for roaches and spiders, but termites require different treatment, and it’s best to call us before you attempt to handle them alone.

We love the fact you’re willing to tackle termites on your own, but only a professional exterminator has full knowledge of the processes, training, and equipment required to control termites. Detail and accuracy with the use of Termidor considered the best termiticide treatment available, are most important. We apply Termidor with our HP machines, and we inject it one foot deep every six inches that place an even barrier into your soil and protect every inch of your home’s foundation.

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Eastern subterranean termite colonies such as those familiar in Holly Springs, Georgia, are difficult to locate, making them harder to control. That said, a Termidor treatment applied by a trained exterminator mentioned earlier creates a continuous soil barrier around the perimeter of your foundation and is the best way to protect your property from termites and control them, especially in Holly Springs. Termidor continues to be the number one termiticide since 2000, and we use it for the most effective treatment available. Subterranean termites infest buildings and foundations from many points, whether it’s around the perimeter of a slab foundation or next to a poured cement basement wall. Concrete expansion joints are no match for subterranean termites as they permeate the joints and make their way up in an internal wall, such as the shared firewall between your garage and your home. Vulnerable too, are crawl spaces in your home as termFites can work their way inside or outside hollow block walls. In Holly Springs, effective treatment for subterranean termites begins and ends with a Termidor treatment performed by our professional technicians.

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At the time you contact us for service, we will schedule one of our Termite Inspectors to come to your home and evaluate your property. When signs of infestation such as a small hole or soft wood have you concerned, the inspector will confirm if you have a termite infestation. If an outbreak has occurred, we measure your property and provide a quote for our services performed by our professional termite technicians. If appropriate, we can schedule our services immediately or on a date and time that fits your schedule for treatment. Also, if our inspector does not find an infestation, remember that a Termidor treatment is a beneficial preventative control measure against termites in the Holly Springs area, and it lasts for ten years.

Our termite treatment can last an hour or even a few hours, which depends on your foundation and the size of the building. A trained exterminator has the experience and knowledge to operate the technology within the HP machine used for your treatment. The Termidor treatment requires our technicians to walk the PID around your property and inject the termiticide every six inches, and as close to your house and foundation as is reasonably possible. We inject Termidor one foot deep into the soil for the ideal termite prevention treatment and control. Termidor won’t repel termites, and they won’t know the termiticide is present in the soil. After the treatment, your technician will provide paperwork showing how much Termidor we used thanks to the precise tracking information from the HP machine. We feel using the HP machine offers the most accurate and effective treatment.

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