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You will know when it’s time to call us when you see what looks like flying insects in your home. What you’re seeing is termites, those tiny wood-eating insects determined to invade every available source of food. Soft wood or other imperfections are a precursor to infestation, and it’s better to call us instead of waiting. A termite exterminator uses different techniques for control other than those used for say, roaches or spiders.

We understand your natural tendency to take care of issues such as termite control. However, attention to detail and knowledge of the techniques is essential, which requires a level of expertise found only with a fully trained termite exterminator. We use Termidor, the best termiticide available today. It’s applied by our HP machine designed especially for termite control by injecting Termidor precisely one foot deep at six-inch intervals around the perimeter of your home’s foundation. The protection provided by this technique places an effective barrier around your home and under the soil.

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As we stated, having an effective underground barrier for termite control is the best option because Eastern subterranean termite live underground in Dunwoody and locating colonies of these termites is impossible, hindering any exterminator. However, the continuous foundation barrier is the best protection from termites, and Termidor termiticide is all we use. Termidor’s reputation and quality make it the number one termiticide since 2000. Common in Dunwoody, Georgia, subterranean termites don’t discriminate locations for infestation. They’re capable of infesting buildings from many points in a foundation. Around the perimeter of a concrete slab or near a poured cement basement wall, the termites easily permeate through cement expansion joints and begin their journey to an interior wall. We find this infestation inside the wall between the garage and inside homes in Dunwoody. We know that crawl spaces are especially unsafe because the termites venture up inside or outside your hollow cement block walls. In Atlanta, to control subterranean termites requires professional applications of our Termidor treatment.

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After you contact us for our services, one of our professional Termite Inspectors receives your information to familiarize themselves with issues you’re experiencing. We schedule a home inspection based on your availability and welcome the opportunity to discuss with you any problem areas you find. After confirming a termite infestation, our Inspector measures your property and promptly provides you a written quote explaining our services. When you are ready to move forward with a termite treatment, the Inspector can schedule an agreeable date and time to begin the process of termite control. If the Inspector finds your property free from termites, we recommend allowing us to apply Termidor as a preventative treatment that lasts for ten years. Preventative measures like this help protect your Dunwoody home from termites on a long-term basis.

If we treat your property, treatments range from one hour to several, depending on size and type of foundation. We use only professionally trained technicians who have expert knowledge of the technology behind the HP machine used in your treatments. They walk the PID around the property and inject Termidor every six inches at a depth of one foot, as mentioned previously. We inject close to the foundation for maximum effect. Termidor is a non-repellant, making it undetectable by termites. After treatment, our technicians complete all necessary paperwork and show the amount of Termidor applied to the nearest 1/10th oz. Our treatments are the most accurate and least invasive available.

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