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We don't merely advise homeowners to give us a call because we're in the business of selling pest control services. Some homeowners believe that they won't ever have to deal with termites or using termite control insecticide treatment methods. Yet, termites aren't like the many insects that Canton residents deal with in their homes on a regular basis like spiders and cockroaches. A termite colony can form quietly in the ground near your home and then spread into the foundation and interior without you ever realizing it until that day when you finally notice one or more small holes in wooden structures or furniture. You might also notice normally hard wooden surfaces feel weak and deteriorated beneath your touch.

Although we always admire a can-do attitude, do-it-yourself methods rarely work to eliminate a current infestation and prevent future ones. Professional pest control treatment of one or more termite colonies with a termiticide like Termidor is critical. An experienced exterminator from our can create a treatment barrier that helps to protect your home by injecting it via our High Precision injection machine a foot into the soil at six-inch intervals around the foundation.

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Why is a Termidor barrier so important for termite control? We see a lot of Eastern subterranean termite colonies in Canton, Georgia. These specific subterranean insects build a colony in any deep, underground location. Once they secure a colony location, they start the search for food in the nearby area. They often use cracks and holes in foundations and exterior walls and the expansion joints between slabs to gain access to a home's interior crawl spaces and walls. If they enter an attached garage first, they use a connecting wall. Termidor is an effective pest control treatment because an exterminator doesn't have to waste time trying to find the underground colony. Instead, one of our technicians merely needs to create an invisible, non-repellent soil barrier. Termites that touch spots treated with this termiticide in the soil carry it back to the colony where they transfer it to other termites and all exposed termites eventually die. Termidor has been the preferred treatment to control Eastern subterranean termite infestations since it first came on the market in 2000.

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Our inspection and treatment process for subterranean termites is simple. When we receive a call for an on-site inspection related to a possible termite infestation, we send one of our knowledgeable exterminators to the location to inspect the grounds and all structures. If the technician agrees with the homeowner's initial assessment, they then measure the entire property so that they can create an accurate service quote and discuss with the you the amount of time they believe they will need to treat the property and create a Termidor barrier. If you agree, they then schedule a separate treatment appointment.

It's important to keep in mind that Termidor doesn't merely kill termites in the short-term. It also prevents new colony termites from infesting your home over time. A single application can create a barrier that lasts ten years. Our exterminators have extensive experience with the HP machine. Although the size of the property affects the amount of time it takes to apply the termiticide, they usually complete small jobs within an hour and larger ones in half a day. The Precision Injection Device on our HP machine makes it easy for a technician to create the Termidor barrier by shooting it deep underground as close to your home's foundation as possible. Since the machine monitors Termidor levels within 1/10 of an ounce, you never have to worry about them using more than absolutely necessary to treat the problem, which you will see reflected on your paperwork at the end of the job.

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