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If you've ever purchased a home before, it's likely that you had a termite inspection done. Termites are wood-eating insects that tend to wreak havoc on wood throughout homes. Due to their tiny size, infestations are hard to identify until substantial damage has already been done. If you think that your home may have subterranean termites, then it's a great idea to call the exterminator as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

If you're a do-it-yourselfer, then it's likely you're considering treating your home for termites yourself. We want to caution you about this method as it can result in inadequate results. To prepare an effective termite treatment plan, you'll need to have the right equipment to carry it out. This involves an injector machine and the right termite solution, like Termidor, to ensure the treatment works. If you're not an exterminator full-time, we suggest letting your termite treatment up to the professionals that have the right equipment and supplies to do the treatment appropriately.

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In Atlanta, there are subterranean termites that live underground. It's virtually impossible to detect where a termite colony may be located at. For this reason, termite control treatment is done by creating a soil barrier around the foundation of your home. With the use of our HP injector machine, our staff will inject Termidor, one of the best termite control solutions, about a foot into the ground. We'll do this for every six inches around your entire home's foundation. This creates a barrier that can prevent subterranean termites from entering your home for ten years or more.

Subterranean termites tend to enter a home through certain stress points. These are around the slab of your foundation or basement wall, expansion joints between your interior walls, and crawl spaces. All of these vulnerable areas are ripe for subterranean termites to make their way into the structure of your home. To prevent this from happening, you'll want to schedule a termite exterminator to come to your Atlanta, Georgia home for treatment control.

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If you think that there is a termite infestation in your home, it's time to contact one of our highly trained exterminators to assess the situation. They'll come out to your Atlanta, GA home and identify whether or not the intruder is a termite. If so, they'll assess your entire property and come up with a treatment plan and quote.

If you want to move ahead with the termite control treatment after receiving your quote, our inspector will set up a time for the control treatment to occur. Even if you don't have any noticeable signs of termite damage, you should have preventative treatment for your Atlanta home done once at least every ten years. This will give you peace of mind about the safety of your home and family.

When it's your treatment day, you can expect our treatment specialist to show up on time and ready to perform your service. The average home takes about an hour to complete. For larger homes, this time can be increased due to the fact of expanding the injection site area. The termite specialist will walk around the foundation of your home. You'll notice them use the HP machine to inject the Termidor into the ground every six inches surrounding your home. They try to get the Termidor injection as close to your foundation as possible. This will help to ensure that your Termidor control treatment is as effective as it can possibly be.

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