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Many homeowners don’t think about termites as an invasion threat to their home. These tiny wood-eating insects aren’t even noticed most of the time until they’ve already wrecked havoc. It starts with finding a patch or two of soft wood or a little hole in some wooden structure of your home, but termites work fast in numbers. Before long, your home can have termites flying around inside. What do you do now that you’ve noticed termites? Unlike a roach, spider, or ant invasion, the most prudent move to get rid of termites is to call a professional.

Accuracy and detail are highly important in getting rid of a termite infestation, and that’s something DIY treatments can’t promise. You’ll want to ensure the best termitcide possible is used, which is why we use Termidor. For accuracy, we use our HP machine to inject Termidor precisely every six inches at a one-foot depth.

This method creates an even soil barrier to protect and control the entire perimeter of your home’s foundation. It’s by far one of the least invasive and most accurate treatments on the market.

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Subterranean termites are plentiful in Alpharetta, Georgia. Yet, because eastern subterranean termites live underground, it’s difficult to impossible to locate their colonies for extermination. Proactive approaches remain the most effective solution. This means creating a soil barrier that runs continually around your home’s foundation.

Putting down a highly effective termiticide can bring you peace of mind. Since 2000, Termidor has been considered the number one termiticide in the industry, which is why our termite treatments use it exclusively.

There are many points along a home’s foundation where termites can gain access and entry to cause damage and destruction. Around the slab, by a poured basement wall, expansion joints that lead to interior walls, and hollow block walls leading to crawl spaces are all vulnerable spots for a termite infestation.

Termidor treatment is one of the absolute best control measures you can take to protect your Alpharetta, Ga property from the costly and destructive damages of eastern subterranean termites.

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Need to get your termite problem under control or prevent it in the first place? Call us today for your initial inspection and estimate.

Once you call us, we will immediately schedule one of our professional termite inspectors to evaluate your home and determine if you have an existing termite infestation.If you don’t have termites, do keep in mind that Termidor is also a preventative measure that keeps termites away for ten years.

Our termite control treatment takes anywhere from one to a couple hours to complete. The inspector will evaluate your property’s size and type of foundation so that your can get a cost and time estimate.

Now. you simply need to schedule a convenient date and time for one of our technicians to go to work on your termite problem. Our technicians are trained in the best HP machine practices and in the injection of Termidor, which will include the accurate spacing and depth discussed above, getting injections as close to the house’s foundation as possible, and usage accuracy down to a tenth of an ounce.

Since Termidor is a non-repellent, your termites won’t even know it’s at work in the soil. All that’s left is a little paperwork to document how much Termidor was used, and you’ll be on your way to a termite-free and protected home.

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