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We've all heard about termite inspections when buying homes, however, we never really think that termites are going to end up in our home. These tiny wood-eating insects work fast and can cause nasty infestations that can damage the structural integrity of your home. When it comes to treating these flying insects, time is of the essence and experience means everything.

Although you may be considering doing it yourself, you may want to think again. Subterranean termites can wreak havoc on the wood throughout your home very quickly. You really don't have time to learn the treatment technique and test out an array of products to find one that works. We use Termidor, which is considered one of the best termite treatments out there. For application, we use an HP machine that injects the termiticide into the ground. For proper treatment, we do injections every six inches around your home with each injection being a foot below the surface.

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The eastern subterranean termite is one of the hardest termites to locate a central colony since they live underground. In Acworth, we solve this problem of eastern subterranean termites by creating a continuous barrier around your home in the soil. Due to the climate in the Georgia region, it's highly recommended to have proper termite control treatments performed to protect your home. These termites can easily sneak into the area around the poured basement cement, expansion joints, and crawl spaces of your home. With a Termidor control treatment, you can get peace of mind that termites won't harm your Acworth, Georgia home.

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When you contact our Acworth exterminators, we'll be more than happy to send out our termite inspector to assess your home. You can call us if you think you have a termite problem or if you're just looking for a control treatment. Our exterminator will assess the areas of your home that you believe are infested and identify whether or not the damage is due to these pests.

Otherwise, our exterminator will assess the size of your home and come up with a preventative treatment plan using Termidor. All Termidor treatments will last for ten full years, so you won't have to worry about termite control for a long time after you get treatment. Our Acworth technician will give you a quote for the services that need to be performed at your property. If you decide to go ahead with the treatment, we'll go ahead and set up a date and time to do the service.

When your Termidor treatment is performed, it will usually take around an hour to be completed. For larger buildings and homes, the time may increase. We can give you a clear idea of how long it will take to perform your termite control treatment when giving you the quote for services. All of our technicians are highly trained and familiar with how pest treatment is performed on both residential and commercial properties.

You'll see our technicians walking around your property with the HP machine. They'll inject the Termidor into the ground every six inches. The injections will be as close to the home as possible to provide the most effective form of treatment. All the injection holes will be about a foot below the surface. The Termidor that our technician injects is measured down to one-tenth of an ounce, so we know just how much of this termite control product is used on your home. Once your treatment is complete, you can rest assured your home will be termite free for at least ten full years.

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