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The tree-dwelling rodents usually stay up in their trees, but sometimes they wander. You might like to see a squirrel in the park, but you won't like them in your attic. Squirrels are opportunistic. If you give them a chance to move in, they'll take it. The hole in your attic and the crack in your home is their invitation. They'll use that hole to force their way into your attic. The warm, weather-proof space is attractive for nesting and breeding.

A squirrel is not an ideal roommate. The waste from a squirrel can carry fungal pathogens and bacteria that cause nasty diseases. Their fur can house ticks, fleas, and parasites. Once a squirrel moves into the attic, they will chew anything it comes across. They will gnaw on HVAC ductwork. A squirrel will chew through electrical wiring, putting your home at risk of catching fire. Every year, thousands of homes catch fire because of rodents chewing on electrical wiring.

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Brandon and Michael were wonderful,when they came to my home on 1005 falling valley court, they explained everything that they were going to do as far as servicing my home, they both walked around the entire house and they found spots that needed the treatment and when they finished, he explained to me again what exactly they did and both men were very polite and kind. As the customer, they both showed great and excellent customer service, and Im very thankful. Hope I will be able to use this service again in the future. Great work and great job.

Once a squirrel invades your home and becomes a pest, there is a process you can take for their removal. You need to make sure all of the squirrel's entry points are sealed off, so they can't re-enter your home after their removal.

Exclusion: To squirrel-proof your Woodstock home, you first go through a process called squirrel exclusion. You will need to find all of the entry points in your home. These entry points can come in the form of cracks, holes, vents, or anything else a rodent could squeeze through. You will likely find entry points in the foundation, basement, roof, or eaves. The entryways are commonly found in attic vents, drainpipes, basement vents, attic construction gaps, and in chimneys. Once a squirrel enters a home, they often make tunnels and nests in the insulation. You might need to replace your insulation and clean up squirrel droppings during removal.

After you locate the points of entry, you will need to seal the entryways. If these remain open, rodents can quickly re-enter the home after their removal. You can also help prevent re-entry by making it more difficult for them to get onto your roof. You can do this by trimming back any tree branches that hang over your roof. Squirrel exclusion can be a lengthy and challenging process. It's often better to have the experienced professionals in Woodstock handle the situation for you. Our Woodstock technicians can help you with your pest problems. They have the required expertise and equipment needed to efficiently handle your problem.

Live Traps: If you can't keep the squirrel out with exclusion or by clearing away tree branches, then live trapping for removal is the best alternative. You can use bait to attract the squirrel to the trap. Once it is caught, you may begin the removal of the squirrel from your home. Removal by trapping isn't going to keep them out forever. If the entry points are left open, the squirrels are going to come right back after their removal. It's best to do an exclusion with a live trapping removal.

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Red, grey, flying, and fox squirrels are the most commonly seen species of Woodstock squirrel. Most of the squirrels are active in the morning, but the flying squirrels are nocturnal. Most squirrels give birth twice in a year. The flying squirrels give birth only once a year. They give birth in early spring and later summer. The different squirrel species will have anywhere from three to eight offspring. Squirrels spend most of their time finding and storing their food. They hold onto their food to use during the winter months. Squirrels mostly eat a diet of fruit, nuts, insects, bark, and plants.

You might have an infestation if you see squirrels hanging around your home, but it's very likely that you have an infestation if you find droppings or signs of gnawing in your attic. During an infestation, you might hear the sound of a rodent running around and scratching in your attic. If you think that you might have an infestation, please give us a call for a professional consultation.