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A squirrel may look adorable playing in a tree, but when it’s living in your attic, you’ll have problems, and squirrel removal will be needed. Given the chance, a squirrel will gladly switch from living outside to living in your home. An attic or a garage will give a squirrel shelter from the rain and a place to keep its food and have babies.

A squirrel can get into your home in Marietta through a crack. The squirrel enters by chewing its way in. Once inside, squirrel excrement that can harbor bacteria and bring on illness may become a problem. Also troublesome are parasites like fleas and ticks. Destruction of your belongings can be a problem, too, since squirrels gnaw on things, including wires and HVAC duct systems. Each year, many homes are damaged from fires caused by squirrels that chewed up wires in the home. Squirrel removal is necessary if you have squirrels in your house.

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Long-lasting removal of squirrels from your attic or other location in Marietta requires sealing up all entry points so the squirrels can’t return. These pests will frequently nest in insulation. Exclusion is what you need to do first for squirrel removal in Marietta. The exclusion process includes a complete home inspection for entrance sites. These sites may be a hole, a crack, or a vent somewhere on your roof or in your basement or foundation. Sometimes the old insulation will need to be replaced. Removal of squirrel excrement involves vacuuming. The exclusion process isn’t easy, which is why it should be performed by a registered expert like one of the many technicians we employ. The technicians who work for us have the skill, knowledge, and professional tools for squirrel removal.

Exclusion: First, you must find the squirrels’ entrance sites and make a plan that focuses on these areas. Places a squirrel might enter your home in Marietta are the attic and its construction gap, vents in the basement, your chimney, and pipes designed for drainage. A plan for permanent exclusion of squirrels blocks all entry points and ensures that no squirrel will be able to enter your house again. Since a squirrel can get into your home with ease by jumping onto your roof from a nearby tree limb, regular pruning is important for effective exclusion.

Live Traps: If exclusion isn’t possible and the removal of tree branches doesn’t work, trapping will be considered. Bait is placed in the squirrel trap to lure the squirrel to it, and after being trapped, removal of the squirrel and the bait takes place. Although trapping works, it’s not a permanent solution for squirrel removal. If exclusion doesn’t include blocking off entry points, a squirrel will always be able to get inside your home. The most effective plan includes trapping and exclusion.

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Common squirrel species include the gray and red squirrel, the fox squirrel, and the flying squirrel. The tree squirrel is more energetic first thing in the morning and late in the afternoon. A flying squirrel is mostly energetic during the night. Most of a squirrel’s energy is spent looking for food and saving it for winter. Foods a squirrel eats include fruit, tree bark, seeds, plants, and bugs.

A squirrel will typically have babies two times a year. It will have them at the beginning of spring or late in the summer. Different species can give birth to three or more babies (maximum of eight) at a time. Signs of squirrel infestation include excrement and damage caused by chewing, usually in the attic. Another sign is a scratching sound coming from a wall or your attic, mostly in the daytime. Please contact us if you think your home in Marietta is infested with squirrels and you need squirrel removal. Let us help.