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You’re sitting by a window or at a park in Kennesaw, Georgia, and it’s just so cute to see all the nice little squirrels running around playing outside. That’s not such a cute scenario when they’re doing it inside your home, though. Squirrels are tree-dwellers by nature. With their natural habitat being increasingly destroyed and disrupted, however, they’re more than willing to make your clean, dry, and warm attic or garage their new home. They look for an opening, whether that be a crack or hole in your chimney, roof, attic, or basement. Then they’ll finish chewing their way inside if necessary.

Once inside your home, they’ll build their nest, store their food, and get busy raising a family of their own. Living with squirrels can create serious safety and health problems for you, your family, and home. A squirrel’s feces carries a number of zoonotic diseases, bacteria, and fungal pathogens that are harmful to humans. Their fur may also be home to parasites like fleas and ticks. They have a natural inclination to chew and gnaw on things, which means the contents of your home and even it’s structural wiring, ductwork, and so forth will likely get damaged or destroyed if removal isn’t swift. Thousands of house fires start each year because of intrusive wildlife and rodents chewing wires. You may also notice visible tunnels in your attic’s insulation. This is because they like to burrow.

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As a pest and nuisance form of wildlife, removal from your home is the best option if you suspect you have a squirrel problem invading your living space. Once removed, you’ll then need to address how they gained entry and properly seal any point that could allow them re-entry after removal.

The first step in making your home squirrel-free and squirrel-proof is called exclusion. Your home should be examined for all possible pest entry points. You’ll also need to safely vacuum any squirrel droppings away and remove any damaged insulation following removal. Another consideration is that squirrels can easily gain access to your home from tree limbs that overhang near your roof. Pruning these away from your roof can take away a common route of access for the squirrels. These are all removal steps that you should contact an experienced and knowledgeable Kennesaw, Ga professional to handle. Our technicians have the proper equipment and procedures to ensure you get your squirrel problem eliminated quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Exclusion: Locate how the squirrel got into your home or building. Create an exclusion plan to target those entry point locations, whether that be your attic, construction gaps, vents, utility line entry points, drainpipes, basement, or chimney. Our exclusion plan seals all the targeted entry points, and thus ensures the squirrels can’t re-enter after removal.

Live Traps: Live trapping can be done as a singular removal effort or in conjunction with an exclusion plan. If tree limb removal doesn’t help and an exclusion plan isn’t an option, trapping the animal is the next best solution. A bait trap will harmlessly lure the squirrel into trap, and the trapped squirrel(s) can then be safely taken away from your property. Do keep in mind that live trapping alone may temporarily solve a current squirrel problem, but others may decide to enter your home if you don’t implement an exclusion plan.

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Fox, flying, red, and grey are the most commonly encountered types of squirrels in the U.S. Flying squirrels are nocturnal creatures with high levels of activity at night. Tree squirrels are most active late in the afternoon and early in the morning. This animal’s diet mainly consists of bark, nuts, fruits, insects, and plant vegetation. Squirrels are active creatures, and the majority of their time is spent attending to their nest and collecting and storing foods for the colder winter months. While flying varieties typically only have one litter of babies per year, most other squirrels have two litters per year. This usually occurs in late summer and early spring. A typical litter ranges in number from three to eight infants.

If you have a squirrel infestation, you’ll likely see the squirrels and/or signs of them around your home. This may include finding squirrel feces, or droppings, around your home. You may see damaged property from the squirrel’s scratching and chewing habits. You’ll also likely be able to hear the squirrels as they move about in walls or your attic space. It’s always best to contact a Kennesaw, Ga professional consultant for removal if you notice signs or otherwise suspect you have a squirrel infestation.