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It may be enjoyable to watch that cute little squirrel jump from one tree branch to another but you will not find it so entertaining to watch the same squirrel run around the inside of your home. Most squirrels are content to dwell in trees but have no problem claiming your home as their residence if the opportunity presents itself. The warm and dry environment inside your home is perfect for squirrels to build their nests, store their food, and give birth to their young. It is necessary to begin the removal process at the first sign of these creatures.

Your problem with squirrels will start when one of them spots a crack in your roof, basement, attic, or roof. The squirrel will then chew at this crack until they provide themselves with a way inside. Once the squirrel resides inside your home, a number of potential problems exist. For one, the droppings of these animals can carry fungal pathogens and bacteria that can cause disease. They can also bring ticks, fleas, and other parasitic insects inside your home. The prompt removal of the squirrel can quickly become a health issue for you and your family. Squirrels will chew on anything they can and may take aim at the electrical wiring or HVAC ductwork in your attic. Wiring chewed by rodents is a major fire risk. This is another reason to begin the removal process as soon as there is evidence of a squirrel in your home.

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Once the rodent is inside your Alpharetta, GA. home it can become quite a nuisance. Immediate removal is necessary and all points of entry should be sealed to close off access to your home following the removal.

The first step to ensuring your Alpharetta, GA. home is free from squirrels is the exclusion process. This involves taking a thorough survey of your home and identifying all cracks, vents, and holes that could allow squirrels to enter your home. You may find it necessary to vacuum droppings and replace insulation that has been damaged by squirrels.

Exclusion: Once all entry points have been found, they must be sealed. You should also prune tree limbs away from the house so that squirrels cannot use them as a pathway into your home. The exclusion process is labor intensive and complex. It is probably best suited to a professional. A professional will possess the knowledge and expertise to execute the exclusion and removal in a safe and efficient manner.

Live Traps: When exclusion attempts are unsuccessful, live trapping may become a necessary part of the removal process. Bait is available to attract the squirrel when trapping. The trap and the squirrel can be removed at the same time once a squirrel is captured. It is important to remember that trapping only works well along with an exclusion plan. Without an exclusion plan in place, the squirrel will simply reenter the home when it is convenient.

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The red, grey, fox, and flying squirrels are most commonly encountered. You will notice the activity of tree squirrels mostly in the daytime hours. Flying squirrels stir in the night. The diet of squirrels living in Alpharetta consists mostly of nuts, fruit, bark, insects, and plant material. Much of the life of a squirrel is spent either in search of food or storing the food it finds for the winter months.

Most squirrels produce offspring twice annually with the exception of flying squirrels who only produce babies once a year. An average litter numbers from three to eight. The potential size of these litters is why fast removal is absolutely necessary. Besides visual proof, other signs of squirrels have made it into your Alpharetta home is gnaw damage or droppings in your attic. You may also hear the sound of an animal scratching in your walls or attic. If you believe there is a squirrel infestation in your home, you should reach out to a professional to begin the removal process.