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Watching an adorable squirrel climb a tree and fiddle with nuts may be an entertaining sight, however, these animals can cause major problems for your home. Although most squirrels prefer to dwell in trees, some will take advantage of safer environments such as a garage or attic. These dry and warm locations are the perfect place for squirrels to care for their young, build nests, and keep food.

Problems typically arise when one squirrel finds a slight opening in your basement, chimney, attic, or roof. Even the smallest crack can be widened by their strong teeth. Once a squirrel has built a nest in your home, a host of problems can arise. Droppings from these vermin can carry fungal and bacterial pathogens which have the ability to cause transmit diseases. Squirrels can also bring ticks, fleas, and other parasitic insects with them. These issues alone are enough to get homeowners thinking about removal strategies.

Squirrels naturally chew through anything and everything that piques their curiosity. Whether they encounter electrical wiring, ductwork, HVAC devices, or installation, there is a good chance that some chewing will ensue. Rodents and squirrels are responsible for more than a thousand house fires each year due to chewed wiring.

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Squirrels have been labeled as nuisance wildlife or pests. Professional removal services are the most effective method for protecting your home after an infestation. There are many services in Acworth, Georgia that will remove squirrels from a home and ensure that all openings and cracks are sealed tightly. Simply removing an infestation of squirrels isn't enough to prevent the problem from reoccurring. Removal companies in Acworth should be able to find tunnels from squirrels that burrow in insulation.

Exclusion is the first step to making your home free of squirrels. This process involves a thorough inspection of your home's exterior to find any cracks, vents, holes, or openings that could act as an entry point for squirrels. Professionals in the Acworth area should check your basement, attic, and roof for these potential entry points. At times, it may be necessary to use a vacuum to remove any droppings left by the squirrels. Every step of this removal process has the potential to be complicated. It's much more efficient and safe to hire a professional from the Acworth area to help with this procedure. Our experienced and knowledgable technicians have the know-how and technology required to rid your home of these pesky vermin.

Exclusion: This is the first step in the process of managing and removing an infestation of squirrels. All of the potential entry points need to be located and blocked. Some of the most common entry points include basement and attic vents, drainpipes, chimneys, utility lines, and construction gaps in the roof. Thorough exclusion plans will target all of the potential entry points to ensure that no other animal reenters using these gaps. It's also a great idea to cut tree limbs that may act as a bridge to your roof.

Live Traps: There are times when the exclusion plan won't be a viable option. On these occasions, trapping your furry visitors will be the best option. During this process, traps are set throughout your home with bait inside. Once an animal has been captured, the traps can easily be removed. Trapping works best in combination with an effective exclusion plan.

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Some of the most common squirrels encountered by humans include the flying, fox, red, and grey. Tree squirrels tend to be active in the late afternoon and early morning. On the other hand, flying squirrels tend to be active late in the evening and at night. The removal methods for all of these types of squirrels are relatively the same.

On average, squirrels give birth to a new litter twice per year. Flying squirrels only give birth once per year. Litters can either be born in the late summer or early spring. Depending on the type of squirrel, litters can vary in size from three to eight. It's important to conduct a removal plan before squirrels give birth in your attic. The removal of two animals is much easier than planning the removal of an entire family.

If you live in the Acworth area and are interested in removal services, please give us a call today. Our professional staff will be able to put together a bespoke removal plan to meet your needs.