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Have you been bothered recently by noises from above? Do you have a feeling that some animal or animals have taken up residence in your attic? Your feeling is probably true. Many household pests will do what they can to get into your home, especially when the weather is bad. Rats, mice, bats, and even squirrels all love hiding in attics around Woodstock, Georgia. Unfortunately, you could end up with damage to your attic if the critters start chewing on electrical wires. Squirrels are often a huge problem for Woodstock homeowners because they are small and agile. It’s very easy for them to jump from one place to another. Since they are so small, they can even wriggle their way in through the smallest of cracks and holes in your home.

If you are wondering if squirrels are coming in and out of your Woodstock attic, check for the following:

Entry points- Look for holes in your attic that squirrels could squeeze through. Even small holes can pose a risk.

Noises from your attic- Squirrels are most active during the daylight hours. If you hear noises from your attic while it is still daylight, they are likely the culprit. Raccoons, opossums, rats, bats, and mice are all nocturnal animals that usually only come out in the dark.

Exposed wiring- Look for exposed wiring in your attic. If you see wooden parts that look as if they have been chewed, you likely have a squirrel problem.

Nesting- Squirrels will bring in leaves and sticks to build a nest.

Droppings- Squirrel droppings are about 3/8 of an inch long and about 1/8 of an inch wide. Their pellets are oblong and dark brown when the droppings have been made recently. As squirrel droppings get older, the color of the droppings will begin to get lighter and lighter.

If you see any of the above signs, you may have a squirrel problem in your Woodstock home.

Squirrels may seem like cute, fuzzy creatures that would make good pets, but don’t be fooled by their charms. These pests can wreak havoc on your attic if left to their own devices. Their chewing can damage the timbers to your roof, chimney, and insulation. They can destroy vents and wires. The most serious issues arise if they chew through electrical wires and start a fire. Squirrels will also run in and out of your home scavenging for food, possibly widening the holes in your attic more than they already were.

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It’s important to get the squirrels already in your attic out as soon as possible. You don’t want them to do any more damage than they already have. However, you also want to make sure that they do not come back. If you need help removing squirrels from your Woodstock, Georgia home, calling in a professional is your best bet. We can help you get rid of your squirrel issue once and for all.

The first step we take is to conduct an in-depth investigation in your attic to see where the squirrels are getting in. We’ll look for any holes, big or small, that the pests may be using to squeeze their way into your attic. Once we find the holes, we then install a product known as an excluder trap. This is a one-way door that allows the squirrels to leave your home but doesn’t allow them to get back in. When they leave to find food or water, they will be forced to remain outside. We will also seal up any other openings we find to prevent other squirrels from coming in later on.

Are you ready to hire a squirrel removal specialist for your Woodstock home? Give us a call today at 770-928-8000. We offer free inspections and will do everything in our power to rid your home of pests.