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Silverfish are a pest unlike any other. They feed on a wide range of materials inside your home, including textiles, paper, grains and more. In addition, they have a lifespan of up to three years, and they often go undetected for an extended period before you realize you have a serious silverfish control problem. Unfortunately, most people cannot rid themselves of silverfish without the help of a qualified pest control professional. Unless you plan on throwing out all of your books and other belongings, they will simply find their way back in when you least expect it, and you'll spend hundreds on silverfish control.

With quality pest control, you can put an end to your silverfish control problems in Atlanta, Georgia. If you want to get rid of silverfish permanently, you will need a variety of exterminator services as well as a few preventative measures to avoid future infestations. Effective silverfish control means controlling the environment where they live, eat and breed.

With the help of a professional exterminator, you can achieve silverfish control inside your home. We use the best available methods to eliminate food sources, stop breeding before the next cycle of pests hatch, and block entryways so that no more pests will find their way in. In order to get the best results out of your pest control services, we know that you must focus on extermination at key points throughout the silverfish's lifespan. Given that they can live up to three years in your home, your exterminator will apply sprays, baits, and traps that target both adult and young silverfish for the purposes of pest control. A combination of direct and indirect methods will be used for silverfish control, killing bugs where they are visible, and luring out those that can't be sprayed directly. A helpful barrier will then be applied to prevent new silverfish from coming into your home. This multi-pronged silverfish control method is the only way to ensure that the insects leave for good.

Aside from all of the methods mentioned above, another key to silverfish control is changing the environmental conditions that invited the insects in the first place. Since silverfish live in humid environments, your professional exterminator will conduct a thorough inspection of your home to identify sources of leaks and humidity that is getting trapped inside. By eliminating these issues, you can be sure that silverfish will no longer feel welcome in your home. The inspection will also help identify any openings in your exterior walls that need to be sealed, as well as any open food sources that can be stored or protected to gain silverfish control.

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Silverfish are small, silvery insects that thrive in humid environments. While they are capable of traveling long distances on foot, they tend to build colonies close to readily available food sources. This makes them particularly problematic in the Atlanta, Georgia region. Once they have found a source of food, they set up camp in dark, damp corners, usually in attics, old boxes, or kitchen cabinets. They are most active during the night when they will leave their nest area to feed, making it hard to manage silverfish control on your own. In addition, they can eat through wallpaper and thin wood cabinets, creating tiny visible holes. Unfortunately, the insects themselves are very fast-moving and difficult to see unless you stumble upon their nest. This makes silverfish control exceedingly difficult.

If you have spotted signs of silverfish inside your home, it is time to call your local pest control technician. Silverfish control is not a task you can take on by yourself. You need an expert for successful extermination of any pests currently in your home, as well as help building up your defenses against future silverfish control problems. The ultimate silverfish control solution is just a phone call away.