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The last thing any homeowner wants to hear is the telltale scratching of rodents in the middle of the night. Not only can they do impressive damage to your walls, furniture, attic, crawl spaces, and everything else within reach, they can also infiltrate your home with surprising ease. If there’s a hole even remotely close to their size, they can get in and turn exclusion into an exhausting chore.

From rats and mice to squirrels and chipmunks, there are a lot of species to worry about. They can be looking for anything from sustenance to shelter or even a place to raise their offspring. However, there are some ways to predict how they will behave.

For example, pests often target any cracks or gaps down near the home’s foundation. You should also watch out for cracks in attics, crawl spaces, where the roof meets the wall, or around the chimney, if you have one. Other places may be more obvious and thus easier to identify and fix, but these nooks and crannies need just as much attention. Just because you don’t notice a hole in the wall doesn’t mean rodents will stay out.

After rodents do get inside, they will chew on whatever they can. This can mean insulation (which can leave your home drafty in winter and unable to retain cold air in summer), electrical wiring (which poses a big fire hazard in addition to shutting off power to parts of your building), and HVAC ducts (which can fill your home with a nasty stench, not to mention how it will make it harder for your heater or air conditioner to function properly).

However, that’s not the end of it. Rodents are a serious health threat, but it’s not their bite that you should be most worried about. They can bring hordes of fleas, ticks, and whatever else they are crawling with. Even their droppings can be teeming with bacteria and other disease-causing agents.

Therefore, it’s in your best interests to seek out professional exterminator help for rodent removal. Not only are rodents dangerous to you and your house, but they can be very difficult to catch via trapping if you don’t have the right equipment. Our Atlanta-based extermination specialists have the experience and expertise needed to get rid of your rodent problem with preventative exclusion measures, then safeguard your home against similar problems in the future. We’re dedicated to handling your unique Marietta pest removal needs.

One of the big misconceptions about rodents is that you can’t go with a simple trapping plan and expect to get a complete removal. From our years of exterminator experience in Marietta, we know that a comprehensive pest exclusion approach is required.

To start with, we look over your property for rodents and any signs they leave behind. Once that’s done, we set up countermeasures to prevent any more rodents from getting into your buildings. Finally, we focus on removal and eliminating the rodents that are already in the building via trapping, poison, and sanitation, repeating the process as many times as necessary until the rodents are gone.

Once the removal is complete, it’s important to remember that the best way to deal with an infestation is to make sure it never happens in the first place. When it comes to rodent exclusion and removal, prevention is a lot easier than reaction. For most rodents, this is best done by blocking entry points low to the ground. For rodents that have a tendency to climb (like squirrels), you need to pay closer attention to attics, eaves, the roofing, and crawl spaces. Exterminators can help you identify exactly where you should be looking if you want to fortify your house against future rodent infestations and prevent the need for another difficult removal with trapping and poison.

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There are a ton of species found around Marietta, so it can be tough for most homeowners to identify exactly what type of rodent they’re dealing with in order to get started on the right path to removal. Norway rats and roof rats are common, along with fox, grey, and red squirrels. Each attacks buildings in a different way, so a tailored approach is often necessary to achieve complete removal. A trained Marietta exterminator can handle that for you, from determining what kind of trapping would work best to blocking off access points and ultimately complete exclusion. If you’re not sure yet, call today and get a professional consultation.