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The scratching sounds of rodents heard in your home are enough to send the bravest homeowner into a panic. There are a variety of rodents – mice, rats, chipmunks, or squirrels – that can use tiny cracks and gaps to invade your home and set up residence in attics, basements, crawl spaces and other areas. These unwelcome guests will enter your home or business because it has everything they need from water to food, protection from the elements, and it is secure and safe for their offspring.

If your home has gaps or even small cracks anywhere, rodents can enter. This includes exterior walls, the foundation, chimney, and the roof. When rodents invade your home, they often gnaw through electrical wiring, duct work for the HVAC system, and insulation. Your home could become at risk for a fire. In addition to this risk, one rodent can carry numerous insects, such as ticks and fleas, into the home. These types of parasites leave droppings that contain germs and bacteria that cause diseases. Removal is crucial.

Rodents are difficult to get rid of because they are quite elusive. Professional removal and preventative exclusion is very important to ensure they are totally removed from the home by trapping or eradicating them and keeping them from coming back. As experienced and knowledgeable Kennesaw specialists in rodent extermination, we can help with your pest problem and use preventative measures to stop a reinfestation by finding where rodents are entering the home. We are a top Kennesaw rodent eradication service and offer the best solution for your individual pest problems.

Exclusion of rodents that have taken up residence in your home or business is not an easy task that can be accomplished by trapping them. We are an authority in Kennesaw when it comes to getting rid of these pests using the best removal method. We will examine your home or business for rodents and ensure there are no entries for new ones. The next step is to rid your home of existing rodents using traps and pesticides and sanitize your home.

No matter the type of pest you are having problems with, exclusion is the best way of controlling rodents. This is why it is crucial to close any and all entry points. If mice, rats, or chipmunks are invading your home, these entry points could be in the foundation, the basement, exterior walls, or the crawl space. If squirrels have taken up residence, they are likely coming into the home through gaps or cracks in the roof line, the eaves, attic, or vents. Removal of tree limbs that hang over the roof can help make it more difficult for rodents to gain access. You may not know how pests are entering the home, but our skilled exterminators can find these areas and take care of them.

When pests have already moved into your home, the best way of removing them is trapping. There are a number of different types from lived baited traps to snap traps. The rodents can either be removed live or killed humanely and quickly. Placing the traps in shown high activity areas, such as crawl spaces, attics, and basements, is best. Trapping only solves part of the problem. It is important to hire a professional exterminator to make sure exclusion and removal of the rodents is certain in all areas of your home.

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Left to themselves, rodents are quite resilient and can cause major harm to homes and businesses. The front teeth of rodents grow constantly, and their way of keeping them from getting too long is chewing. This chewing results in holes in flooring and walls. It also can damage wiring, as previously mentioned, increasing the risk of a fire. Our professional exterminators are aware of what draws rodents to homes and businesses and removal of these things that attract them such as fruit that grows in your yard and garbage.

Since Kennesaw, Georgia contains numerous species of rodents, you may not know what type has moved into your home or business. There are roof rats and Norway rats in addition to fox, red, gray, and flying squirrels. Roof rats, as suggested by their name, can climb adeptly and generally come into your home through attics or other areas of the roof. The same is true for squirrels and they use your home or business for storing food for the winter. If you hear running or scratching sounds during daylight hours, this is probably squirrels because they are most active in the day. A skilled exterminator can identify all infestation signs, including damage caused by gnawing and droppings, and provide the best removal and exclusion services for your home or business. Don't think you can solve your problem by trapping or removal of these pests on your own. Call us right away for a consultation if you believe your Kennesaw home has been invaded by rodents.