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It’s a noise that strikes dread into any homeowner’s heart -- the scratching of rodents somewhere in your home. Destructive, invasive, and capable of utilizing the smallest of gaps to gain access to basements, attics, and interior rooms within the home, rodents of all shapes and sizes are unwelcome visitors. Rats, mice, squirrels, and even chipmunks may invade your home or business seeking readily available food, water, shelter and a safe place to raise young. Cracks or gaps near a home’s foundation, along the roof line or near the chimney, and in the exterior walls of a building are nearly irresistible to these wily creatures. Once established within a home or office, rodents may gnaw and destroy insulation, HVAC duct-work, electrical wiring, or other costly systems, potentially causing a fire threat in the affected home. Additionally, a single rat, mouse, squirrel or chipmunk can introduce any number of fleas, ticks, and other dangerous parasites into a home, and their droppings can carry a plethora of disease-causing bacterial and fungal pathogens.

And because rodents are both evasive and difficult to entirely eradicate from a home, professional help is vital to trapping, removal, and preventative exclusion of these pests. Our experienced, Atlanta-based extermination specialists are trained to not only trap and remove rodent pests, but inspect your property to find the source of your problem and take preventative exclusion measures to keep future pests out of your home for good. As Atlanta's premier rodent removal service, we’re committed to utilizing our skill and expertise to address your unique pest removal needs.

Eliminating rodents from your home or business isn’t as simple as a few traps. As experts in the Atlanta area, we understand that to eradicate rodents from a property requires an integrated pest management approach. First, we inspect your property for rodents, then we rodent-proof your house, an exclusion process that ensure that no new pests invade your home. Once your home is secured, we can then begin the process of population reduction, a recursive procedure that includes trapping, the application of rodenticide, and sanitation of the home.

Ideally, exclusion is the preferred method of rodent control. Regardless of species, it is essential to properly identify and seal all avenues of entry. For a rat, mouse, or chipmunk infestation, this generally entails blocking entry points in the basement, crawlspace, foundation and outer walls; for squirrels, this may also include sealing points of entry in the attic, eaves, roof line and vents, or even pruning overhanging tree limbs to limit access to your home. Even if you’re not sure how these pests are getting in, our knowledgeable exterminators can locate points of entry or other problem areas. Once established within a home or office, rodent removal is best accomplished via trapping. Trapping can be achieved either with baited snap traps, which feature a snap hinge that kills rodents swiftly and humanely, or with bated live traps designed to lure and hold captured rodents for removal. With either method of trapping and removal, the traps should be placed in areas that have shown the most signs of rodent activity. However, trapping with only alleviate your pest problem temporarily; an experienced professional exterminator is essential to ensure complete removal and exclusion of rodents from your basement, attic, or other parts of home.

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Highly adaptable and variable in their behavior, rodents pose a significant danger homes and businesses if left to their own devices. Because all rodents have front teeth that grow throughout their lives, they are constantly compelled to wear them down by chewing. Not only can this incessant chewing lead to large holes in walls and floorboards, but it can also damage wiring, leading to electrical and fire hazards within the home. Drawn to convenient sources of shelter, food, and water, effective rodent removal requires that our expert exterminators identify and eliminate all attractants, including garbage, food waste, and the fruit or nuts of trees within the yard.

With a large variety of species in the Atlanta, Georgia area, it is difficult for the average home- or business-owner to correctly identify the species of rodent invading their home. Both Norway rats and roof rats are found in the vicinity, as are grey, red, fox, and even flying squirrels. Generally, Norway rats prefer to inhabit ground burrows and sewers, while roof rats are skilled climbers and are more likely to find their way into the upper portions of homes or attics. Squirrels are also likely to be found in the upper reaches of homes or business, often hoarding fruit, nuts, bark, plant material and insects for hibernation in the winter. Often active during the day, scratching and running sounds within walls or in the attic may also indicate that squirrels have taken up residence. Other signs of an infestation, including gnawing damage or droppings, are common to all rodent species, and should be properly identified by a trained exterminator to determine the correct course of removal. Atlanta residents, if you are concerned that rodents may have infested your home of office, call us today for a professional consultation.