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No homeowner looks forward to hearing the dreadful sound of rodents scratching inside their residence. Rodents are always unwelcome, regardless of their size or shape, as they are invasive and destructive as well as able to use even the smallest void to access attics, basement spaces and other spots in the home. It is possible for mice, squirrels, rats, or chipmunks to make their way indoors to search for shelter, food, water and a comfortable place to breed. Gaps near a structure's foundation, by the chimney, at the roof line or other places can be extremely attractive to animals of this sort.

After they have made their way inside an office building or a residence,rodents have the ability to chew up insulation materials, damage heating and cooling ducts, destroy electrical wiring and even cause fire hazards. It is also worth noting that just one rodent has the ability to bring ticks, fleas and a host of other harmful pests into the building, all of which can leave droppings full of fungal and bacterial pathogenic substances.

Given that rodents are sneaky and can be tough to fully clear from a building, it is essential to secure professional assistance in trapping them, removing them and preventing their entrance altogether. Our skilled, seasoned Atlanta-area extermination professionals know hot to eradicate and trap all types of rodents, they also have the skills to conduct a thorough inspection of each client's property to determine precisely where the trouble is originating and take steps to stop it from recurring. Known as Marietta's top rodent elimination service, we pride ourselves on the talents and knowledge we bring to bear on every job we undertake, including yours.

Getting rid of rodents from a property involves much more than setting a couple of traps as a way to rodent proof the structure. Because we are Marietta rodent exterminator specialists, we know that to fully eliminate this kind of problem, a fully-integrated strategy is required. The first step is to complete a full rodent inspection before we undertake any kind of rodent-proofing. The second phase includes an exclusion step that helps make sure that new pests are unable to gain entry and a rodent proof environment has been attained. After your property has been secured, we initiate the reduction and removal plan for existing rodents. This stage will involve the use of traps, rodenticide, and full home sanitation overseen by an exterminator trained in creating rodent proof homes.

In a best-case scenario, exclusion and a rodent proof home can be achieved, because no matter the species involved, sealing off any points of entry is critical. When it comes to mice, rats or chipmunks, this requires a blocking of potential gaps in crawlspaces, basements, foundations and outer walls. In terms of squirrels, it may be necessary to seal entry points found in eaves, attics, vents and roof lines and possibly even to prune tree branches that hang near the house. Though you may not be sure how pests are making their way inside, the highly-trained rodent proof extermination professionals we employ will find all problematic entry points and take action. After rodents are found in a home, the most effective removal practice involves trapping. This can be accomplished with snap traps that have been baited for swift and humane results. Live traps meant to coerce and capture live rodents for removal and release are also available. Traps are most effective as means of establishing a rodent proof home if used near areas with the greatest signs of activity. Nevertheless, trapping is only a temporary solution, and it is important for a professional exterminator to undertake a comprehensive exclusion strategy to prevent recurrences of infestation and conclude that the home is truly rodent proof.

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Because they are capable of extraordinary adaptation in conduct, rodents present very real hazards to businesses and homes if left on their own and not subjected to an exclusion strategy. Given that rodents feature continuously-growing front teeth, they are driven to keep chewing so that they are regularly worn down. The nonstop chewing can produce sizable holes in flooring, walls, and attic spaces, but it can also lead to damaged electrical wiring. This poses a serious fire hazard and must be eradicated. Because rodents are always on the hunt for food, shelter and water sources, the best kind of rodent eradication necessitates the removal of everything that tempts them, including food scraps, garbage, and nut and fruit remnants from trees situated on the property. This a vital step to completing the journey to rodent proof surroundings.

Because a broad array of species reside in the vicinity of Marietta, Georgia, it can be tough for everyday homeowners or business owners to know exactly which rodent is causing their difficulties, and that is when an exterminator can assist. The area is known to have roof rats and Norway rats, as well as red and grey foxes and also flying squirrels. Typically speaking, Norway rats tend to be drawn toward sewers and burrows near the ground, but roof rats climb well and are usually spotted in the upper portions of structures, where they hoard plant material and food supplies for winter hibernation. Hearing running and scratching noises during daytime hours may be indicative of squirrels, while the presence of chewed surfaces and droppings can be signs of just about any sort of rodent. Whenever such signals are noticed, it is best to have a skilled, professional exterminator assess the right steps to take. If you are worried about a possible infestation in your Marietta, Georgia home or business, contact us today to see how we can help with an exclusion, removal, and elimination plan.