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Rodents may be causing damage to your home in Marietta, Georgia and putting you and your family in danger. In addition to the obvious signs of squeaks and scratching when rodents are present, other signs of a rodent infestation may be more difficult to decipher. To make matters worse, rodents often have the ability of squeezing into homes through small spaces in walls, attics and basements and wreaking havoc in these areas. Even cracks in your home’s foundation or small openings in your roof can give rodents entrance into your home.

These pesky critters are known to do widespread damage to homes across Marietta and other parts of Georgia. Their chewing can damage wires and insulation and increase the threat of fire danger. HVAC components can also be damaged from the destructive activities of rodents.

Along with causing structural damage, rodents are known to carry diseases that pose certain health risks for humans. The droppings that are left behind by these critters can contain bacteria and other germs that can make people sick. Fungal pathogens can also be spread through their droppings. Even a single mouse, rat, chipmunk or squirrel that enters your home could bring fleas, ticks and other parasites into your home that can cause illnesses.

Our team of rodent control specialists can use tools and methods to eliminate these pests so that you won’t have to do the work yourself. Rodents can often be difficult to get rid of from a home without the proper training and equipment, and we’ll bring everything that’s needed to make your home a pest-free environment. Our rodent control experts do more than just trap and remove these pesky critters and can perform detailed property inspections and implement measures to prevent rodent problems from recurring.

With our integrative pest management approach, we’re able to do more than just set a few traps to capture and eliminate mice, rats and other rodent species. After we conduct a detailed inspection of your property, we’ll rodent-proof your house so that no new critters will be able to invade your living space. After securing your home, we’ll work to reduce the rodent population that you already have with control methods, such as trapping, applying rodenticide and sanitizing your home.

To provide the most comprehensive pest control service possible, we take exclusionary precautions by sealing entrance points in crawlspaces, outer walls, foundations and basements where rats, mice and chipmunks like to enter. Squirrels, which often like to enter through attics, roof lines, vents and other high-up spaces, can be blocked from entering by sealing up these openings. Bated live or snap traps can be placed around areas of your home to try to stop these critters in their tracks, but our company can do more with our advanced equipment and pest control methodology.

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Rodents are known to be highly adaptable to their environments. These pests also have teeth that grow continuously throughout their lives, and they may chew through walls, wires, floorboards, insulation or other components of your home to try to file down their teeth. Rodents may also be drawn to your home and want to remain there if they can find constant sources of food and water to help them survive.

You may have trouble correctly identifying the species of rodents that have invaded your home, and this can pose additional challenges if you try to handle your pest control all on your own. Norway rats along with red, grey, fox and flying squirrels are often found in the Marietta area and can wreak havoc on a home’s attic and basement as well as in other rooms. Damage from gnawing, pest droppings and the sound of scratching are among the most common signs that you have a rodent infestation. Our team can handle all the rodent control work so that your environment will be safer for everyone.

Don't let these pests control your life any longer. If you’re dealing with a rodent infestation in your home or business in Marietta, give us a call to receive a professional consultation on our rodent control services.