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The sound a rodent makes when it is somewhere in your home scratching on things can be disheartening. These pesky creatures are both invasive and destructive. They also possess the ability to gain access to attics, basements, and other spaces in your home by using the tiniest of openings.

Common unwelcomed visitors to homes include mice, rats, and squirrels. There are even homeowners who discovered they were sharing their home with chipmunks. Just about any of the rodents or small animals that are outside your home will enter for a chance at food, shelter, water, and a safe environment for their young.

One potential entry point for these creatures is the gaps or cracks along the foundation of your home. Rodents will also search rooflines, chimneys, and the exterior walls of your home in their efforts to gain entry.

The damage rodents can do once they take up residence in your home is substantial. Rodents have been known to destroy electrical wiring, ductwork, insulation, and other costly materials by gnawing on them. Your rodent control efforts become even more important to you and your family when you consider the fire risks that result from this gnawing.

Only one rodent needs to make its way into your house for an infestation of ticks, fleas, and other parasites to take place. Rodent droppings can also carry fungus and bacteria responsible for illness and disease.

It may require a little more effort to rid your home or business of rodents than setting a few traps or spraying in the corners. The technicians that work for us understand the necessity for an integrated approach to rodent control.

The first step in our rodent control process is to thoroughly inspect the structures on your property. We then rodent-proof your home so that no new pests can make their way inside. Once we are sure your home is secure, the population reduction process can begin. Trapping, rodenticide applications, and home sanitation protocols are all used to reduce the rodent population in your home or business.

An ounce of prevention worth well more than a pound of cure when it pertains to rodent control. You will fair much better in your battle against all types of rodents if you are able to identify and block access to potential entry points. When you have a rat, mice, or chipmunk infestation, the avenue for entry is often basements, crawlspace, outer walls, and foundations of a home. You will also need to seal entry points in the attic, along the roofline, and through vents if the rodents causing you distress are squirrels. Your rodent control efforts might include cutting back any tree limbs that provide squirrels with access to your home.

An expert exterminator will be a great help to you if you are unable to locate the entry points rodents are using to access your home.

Once small animals have already gained access to your Alpharetta home, trapping them is the best form of rodent control. This can be accomplished with snap traps that prevent suffering and eliminate rodents in a humane manner. Or, you can opt for a live trap that seeks to capture the animal so that it can be removed from your home.

Regardless of the trapping method you use, the trap should be placed in locations that are known high-traffic areas for your unwelcomed visitors. It is important to remember, however, that trapping will provide only a temporary rodent control solution. A professional exterminator will be needed to effect a complete and permanent rodent removal.

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If left to their own devices, rodents can cause serious harm to your home. The front teeth of rodents grow continuously throughout their lives and gnawing is the method of choice for rodents to file these teeth down to a manageable size.

Rodents are attracted to areas where there is a convenient source of food, water, and shelter. This fact makes it necessary to manage things like food waste, garbage, and fruit that are inviting to small animals.

The variety of rodent species that make their home in Alpharetta, Georgia makes it difficult for the average home or business owner to correctly identify and remove there home invaders. Some of these rodents will prefer basements and other low-lying areas of your home. Others prefer your attic or another part of your home's upper portion.

Alpharetta residents who are concerned with rodents in their homes should trust a professional exterminator with their rodent control efforts.