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Since rats enter houses and business establishments looking for shelter and something to eat and drink, they can be a problem. An exterminator is needed for their removal because they can hide in hard to reach places, including your attic. If you request pest control service from us, we will thoroughly examine your property to uncover the cause of your problem. Then, we will develop a successful rat removal plan, using all that we know about animals.

The removal of rats in Smyrna is not all that we do. We also make sure no other rodents are able to come into your home by closing up any openings in or near your roof, foundation, attic, basement, and exterior because a rat can fit through a hole that’s as small as a quarter. If you have a rat or rodent problem, it is important that you correct the situation without delay by hiring an exterminator. Since rodents often carry parasites that can make matters even worse, rat removal done by an experienced exterminator is necessary if you want excellent results.

Rat control and removal by an exterminator involves a few important steps. These steps include rodent examination, exclusion (rodent prevention), and trapping and sanitation to reduce rodent population. Upon inspection for the presence of rodents, an expert will look for excrement, imprints, destruction caused by chewing, tunnels, runways, grease stains, stains from urine, rodents (dead or alive), noise made by rodents, and the scent of rodents. The most common sign of rat activity is excrement. Rats most often found by an exterminator are the Norway and roof rat.

The most favored method for controlling rats in Smyrna homes is trapping. Snap traps are best for trapping rats. They can be made of metal, plastic, or wood, and they have a hinge that’s designed to snap with great force to quickly kill rodents and assist with their removal. Bait is typically placed in snap traps to attract rats. For rat trapping and removal, a snap trap should be set wherever signs of these creatures exist.

The most effective way to control rats in Smyrna is exclusion because exclusion prevents rats from entering your home. Closing off entry sites is perfect for rat presence removal. Prevention outweighs a cure, and so it is with rat infestation. Unlike trapping, rat presence removal by exclusion is cruelty-free, clean, and secure. Once the entry sites and areas of concern are located by an exterminator, the exclusion process can begin.

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A rat is able to adjust to its surroundings, but don’t associate certain rat behaviors with just one type of rat. While the roof rat outperforms the Norway rat as a climber, The Norway rat climbs trees, too, and it will make itself comfortable in an attic or other elevated site. A roof rat will live in a drain or ground burrow.

Rats habitually chew on things. This type of behavior can be hazardous to you and your home in Smyrna, but it is a habit you can control with rat removal. After chewing on wood or plastic, huge holes may be left in the wood beams in your floors and in the walls in your basement, attic, and elsewhere. Wires chewed by rats can cause electrical problems. Since a rat’s teeth never stop growing, chewing is necessary for wearing down its teeth.

A convenient place to nest and a place to eat and drink is attractive to rats in Smyrna, Georgia. Effective removal of these pests from your basement, attic, or other area involves making sure all of these attractions are unavailable. If you have garbage all over your house or fruit that fell off a tree and landed in your backyard, you may be inviting rats to your home.