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Homeowners deal with many issues, but rats are a totally different story. When rats invade your home and land or your business structure, it can be a serious problem. A rat will seek out shelter, water, and food sources, and that is how they might get into your home or office. Since they can live in small areas – like unsealed cracks and holes – including the basement and attic area, it could be critical to have professional assistance with trapping them.

When you contact our company (Roswell) for rat exclusion, we can perform an extensive inspection of diverse locations in your home or office, which will help us find out where the pests are hiding. The inspection will additionally help us figure out how the infestation began. Our company uses a vast array of knowledge regarding rats, which helps us create an effective rat removal strategy.

An exterminator is professionally educated and trained for exclusion of home and office nuisances. Our experts create a combined system that consists of the following processes:
Sanitation – We look for indications of where the pests might have entered your home or office, and where they may be living. There are at least ten signs to look for:

  • Signs of feces
  • Their tracks
  • Indications of damage due to chewing
  • Signs of burrowing
  • Beaten down paths
  • Marks that look like grease
  • Tints on flooring or other surfaces – rat urine
  • Rodents that might have died or that are alive – removal of them is vital either way – live ones could carry diseases – dead ones will stink up the home or office
  • We listen for sounds that a rat might make
  • We detect odors, like the smell of rats

The most common indications of a rat invasion: rodent feces. When rats are moving around during the day or night, they go to the bathroom on-the-go.

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Trapping is usually the technique used to capture these pests, especially when the infestation occurs inside of the home or office, and in the basement or attic area. The most effective traps are snap traps. Such traps are made from metal, wood, or plastic. They all have a strong snap-hinge mechanism, which makes certain the rodents cannot escape the traps and the extermination happens quickly – fast removal of your pest issues. Such traps require a certain kind of bait – to attract the rats to each trap. Each trap would be placed in locations where indications of the rodent’s living and activities have been seen.

Equally, when possible, the most effective ways to perform rat exclusion is to implement methods of basic rodent management. Sealing every area where these pests can enter your home or office is the best way to manage the intrusions and eliminate the chance of it occurring again.

A professional exterminator will perform a rat exclusion (removal) that is safe, humane, and clean. Whether homeowners or business owners live in Roswell or elsewhere in the world, rats can become a serious and frustrating situation. Expert exterminators can help find the intruding rodents and eliminate the chance of recurring infestations – for good! Professionals use trapping in a responsible and respectful manner.

Rats appear to be very resilient and adapt to several environments. And, each type of rat might have different behaviors. It is vital to be careful when we attribute specific kinds of rat habits – for each species. Take roof rats, for instance. Roof rats are agile climbers, better than Norway rats are. But, the Norway rat might make it up a tree and enter the attic area but typically go for the basement area. Roof rats tend to burrow underneath the ground or into sewer areas. It might be tougher for a homeowner to do a removal of the rodents without professional assistance in that kind of situation.

Habits of these Rodents: Chewing – creates perils with wiring and home or office damage, like structural damage. Such types of pests can chew through plastic and wooden items, and the usual result is huge holes in the walls and even in the flooring.

Other situations might arise, which makes it even more critical to resolve any rodent invasion as quickly as possible. If rats chew through electrical wiring, a fire could start, and, since humans cannot really see through walls, it is tough to know whether wiring has been damaged unless a professional exterminator inspects every area of the home or office – where there are signs of infestation. Removal – exclusion is crucial. As stated earlier, trapping is the most common method for getting rid of your infestation problem(s).

Rats incisors grow constantly during their lifetime, so they gnaw on hard objects not only to gain entry for their homes and little ones, but to keep the incisors filed down. And, as we mentioned earlier, whether you live in Roswell or in other areas, rat infestation could happen. Even the cleanest homes and offices could have issues with these rodents, especially if there are places for the rodents to get into and reside, like wood piles, leaf piles, trash in the yard, etc. Even water or food sources for home pets (if left outside) can attract pests as well.

Even trash that might be left in the home or office – chip bags tossed onto a desk or sofa – could attract rodents. Fruits, peanuts, walnuts, etc. are also attractive to rats. It is vital to prevent infestation issues ahead of time and continue to once your problems have been resolved. Removal of all items that could attract rodents is very important.

If you have tried to find out where the pests are entering your home or office, or if you are unable to get rid of these nasty critters, you might want to contact professional rat trapping/removal experts in Roswell, Georgia for assistance. Contacting professionals is a guarantee of ridding the issues for good.