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Rats are one of the top invasive pests on personal and business property. Two common species of rats found throughout Milton are the Norway rat and the Roof rat. Once these rodents find a good food, water and shelter source, they will invade just about any space, from attics to basements. Trapping rats for removal can be difficult because they are sneaky and great at hiding. A professional exterminator is often necessary to remove these pests from your property. Our Milton Georgia based exterminators will work with you to create a plan for removal and prevention of further infestation.

Besides trapping and removal of any rats in your basement, attic, or other areas, an exterminator can help you prevent other pests, such as mice, from entering your property. Tiny holes the size of a quarter can be entry points for rats. These entry points can often be found around the edges of rooves and foundations. An exterminator will seal all of these holes up to prevent entry of any pests.

A professional pest control plan is necessary for the complete removal of rats from a property. Our Atlanta based exterminators work with a three step program: inspection, reduction and exclusion.

A rodent inspection involves searching for signs of the pests. Signs of a rat infestation may include droppings, tracks, damage from gnawing, burrows, runways, grease marks, urine stains, live or dead animals, sounds and odors. Rat droppings are the most common sign of an infestation.

The rat reduction process involves trapping for removal. Snap traps, made from metal, plastic or wood, feature snap hinges that quickly kill rats when they enter the traps. Traps are baited and placed in areas of high activity. Once rats are trapped for removal, the exterminator will take them away.

Finally, exclusion tactics are used to seal off entry points. This method prevents rats from reentering the property once they have been removed through trapping. Even if you don't have a rat problem, prevention through exclusion is a wise step to keep your property safe from rat infestation and damage. Exclusion is the safest, cleanest, and most humane way of keeping rats out. Exterminators can help you find entry points for exclusion in the roof, attic, basement and other areas. If you can prevent rats from entering, you may never need a removal service.

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When strategizing for trapping and removal of rats, it's important to remember that different rats behave differently. They may also adapt their behavior to different locations. Roof rats are more likely to enter through ground points in sewers, basements and burrows, while Norway rats are generally more likely to enter property through attics and rooves.

One of the main threats posed by an infestation of rats is the damage to property. Rats have strong front teeth that never stop growing. They can easily gnaw through floorboards, walls and electrical wiring. This chewing can cause irrevocable damage to your home or business if left for too long.

Rats are attracted to easy sources of food and water. This is why many human dwellings make great places for rat colonies. Easily accessed garbage and water sources are a draw, as are fruit and nut trees on the grounds. To prevent future trapping and removal needs, it is important to clean up and remove anything that rats will see as an easily accessible and regularly replenished source of food.