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Rats can be very aggravating. Their intrusion into people's homes and offices is a sign that they are in search of shelter, food and water. Rats are not strangers to small spaces. They covet them because they are perfect for hiding. Since rats are very skillful at remaining hidden, it is very crucial for you to contact a professional exterminator. We take rat removal very seriously. When you request our pest control services, we will perform a thorough inspection of your property. This inspection will give us an understanding of where the problem originated from and how far advanced the infestation is. Our detailed knowledge of pest control will allow us to develop a plan that is specifically tailored to your rat removal situation.

Rat removal is not the only service that we provide. As professional exterminators, we are also committed to preventing the invasion of other rodents. Therefore, all of the entry points for the rats will be sealed. The sealing will include any holes found near the foundation, along the building's exterior and along the roofline. Rodents have a tendency to travel with ticks, fleas, lice and mites. These insects and such will only exacerbate your existing problem. As such, it is important that the problem be addressed as soon as possible.

Rat control and pest management are inter-related. In order for rat control to be successful, then pest management must be executed. The following steps are included in pest management: rodent proofing (exclusion), population reduction (rodenticide and trapping), rodent inspection and sanitation. Generally, professional exterminators in Marietta know when rodents are present if they witness any of the following during their inspection: dead or alive rodents; droppings; sounds made by rodents; damages caused by gnawing; tracks; rodent odors; urine stains; burrows; grease marks and runways.

The most prevalent sign of a rodent infestation is droppings. Active rodents generally defecate on a regular basis. Typically, exterminators in Marietta have more contact with the roof rat and the Norway rat.

Indoor rat control can be accomplished several different ways. However, exterminators in Marietta prefer trapping rats. An efficient way of trapping rats is by using snap traps. There are wooden, plastic and metal snap traps. These traps are equipped with a powerful hinge that snaps quickly. The purpose of this hinge is to kill the rodent quickly. Typically, snap trapping is used in conjunction with some kind of bait, which serves as a lure for the rats. Snap trapping generally works best in areas where sightings have occurred.

In general, it would probably be better for rat control to be accomplished via exclusion. If exclusion is a viable option, then an exterminator in Marietta can assist you with this process. Walking the property, locating the points of entry and promptly sealing them should remedy your rat removal issue. The exclusion method is a clean, safe and humane way to address the presence of rats. Exclusion plays an integral part in the removal of unwanted rodents.

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Adaptation is easy for rats. However, not all rats exhibit the same behavior. Care should be taken when classifying certain habits to a species. Roof rats have a knack for climbing. They are more inclined to dwell in attics and other high-rise structures. Attics are ideal because they provide an easy access. Attics allow roof rats to travel to other parts of your house by climbing down into the walls. Norway rats are known to occupy ground burrows and sewers, as well as basements. Basements are ideal locations for them because they are ground level. Basements tend to be the direct cause of a rodent problem.

Rats have a tendency to gnaw on plastic and wood. This dangerous habit poses a problem for people. Gnawing results in huge holes being left in the walls and floorboards of their homes and offices. And, electrical problems can arise from rats gnawing on the wiring. Gnawing is a natural behavior for rats because it prevents their front teeth from growing too long. Therefore, in order for their teeth to remain worn down, gnawing must occur.

Rats are most comfortable in those places where food and water are located. And, such places are ideal for their nesting locations. In order for the removal of rats to occur, then the removal of those sources that make comfortability possible must also occur. So, a house that is cluttered with garbage will be an attraction for rats. Removal of the garbage needs to occur. And, the same holds true for the nuts and fruit that fall from trees. Their removal needs to occur, too.