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Rats are a considerable nuisance for residents in Atlanta, Georgia and other cities throughout the United States. These pests invade offices and homes in search of warmth, food, and water. As these creatures are so skilled in hiding in tight spaces, it is important to contact a professional exterminator for help. When you work with our pest control professionals, you can rest assured that the rat problem will be solved. Our exterminators use their wealth of knowledge and experience to devise a bespoke and effective removal plan. Whether the rats are hiding in your walls, attic, or basement, our professionals will help fix the problem.

In addition to the removal of rats that are invading your property, our team will also take preemptive measures to ensure that other rodents don't return through concealed points of entry. Although some rats can grow rather large in size, all have the ability to fit into spaces around the diameter of a quarter. Keeping this skill in mind, our team will work to seal any gaps that exist along your home's foundation, near the attic, or in the basement. Unfortunately, rodents can bring along lice, mites, ticks, fleas, and other unwanted pests. It's important to take care of the problem as quickly as possible to reduce additional problems.

Residents of Atlanta, Georgia need to realize that rat control is a dynamic and integrated approach that has many layers and steps including inspection, exclusion, population reduction, trapping, and sanitation. When searching for rodents, professionals look for ten, tell-tale signs: rodent odors, rodent sounds, dead rodents, living rodents, urine stains, runways, burrows, grease marks, gnawing damage, tracks, and droppings. Droppings are one of the most common signs of a rat infestation that homeowners usually spot on their own. When rodents are moving about, they regularly defecate. The Roof and Norway Rat are among the most commonly seen in the basement or attic of a home.

Trapping is a preferred method for controlling an indoor invasion of rats. Snap traps are the most effective methods of trapping in inside a hope. Snap traps are comprised of wood, plastic, or metal and have powerful snapping hinges that are designed to kill rats instantly. These traps are typically used with bait to lure rats near the trap. These traps are most effective when placed in an area that has signs of rodent activity.

If possible, many homeowners prefer the method of exclusion. This non-lethal form of pest control involves the sealing of all entry points around a home. As the old adage expresses, prevention is much more effective than looking for a cure. The same sentiment is true when dealing with rats. Exclusion seeks to stop the problem by preventing any rats to enter your home's basement or attic. An exterminator can help in this non-lethal method of removal. Exclusion also tends to be a form of removal that leaves less of a mess.

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Although rats are present throughout the state of Georgia and in every other state, the behavior and habits of these pests can vary depending on location. As a result, removal methods may have to be adapted to meet the specific habits of the rats causing the infestation. It can be difficult for an exterminator to attribute certain habits to one species of rat. Although the Roof Rat is known for being a better climber than the Norway Rat, the latter species is still able to climb trees to invade attics. The most effective method of removal may also depend on the type of rat.

Rats can pose a danger to structures and humans due to their incessant chewing. These rodents gnaw on plastics and wood and leave massive holes in walls and floorboards. They can even cause fires or other electrical hazards by chewing on wiring. A rat's teeth grow throughout its entire life. It's important to devise a method of removal by trapping, killing, or exclusion right away if there are any signs of an infestation.

If you're living in the Atlanta area and experiencing rat problems, call us today to learn about our various methods of removal. Our team can help solve this problem with a detailed plan of removal through exclusion or trapping.