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The ire most people have towards rats is understandable. No one is saying these creatures are evil, but they definitely present a few problems for homeowners and business owners in Alpharetta, Georgia. Rats are looking for things that you'd find in any home or place of business, such as warmth, water, food, and shelter from predators. Part of what makes these rodents hard to deal with is they can hide in small spaces. This makes trapping and removal one of your best rat control options besides exclusion. Learning about your specific rat infestation coupled with our knowledge helps us create a plan that is unique to your problem.

A good rat exterminator is not only going to deal with the removal process but is also going to help identify problems on a property to prevent this from happening again. Rats can get into holes the size of a quarter. The likelihood that a rat gained access to your property through cracks or gaps in your roofline, foundation, or anywhere around your property is high. This is why a good exterminator in Alpharetta provides more than just rat removal but focuses on exclusion. Keep in mind that these rodents sometimes carry fleas, mites, ticks, and lice, just to name a few things.

Rat removal and exclusion requires an involved approach because of how resilient these creatures are. The first step is your basic inspection, and the expert will gather a lot of information during this initial step. The second thing the pest removal specialist is going to do is some rodent-proofing, sometimes referred to as exclusion, and that could involve sealing areas in the attic or basement. During the inspection, the exterminator is going to look for the signs, such as droppings, tracks, burrows, runways, grease marks, urine stains, rodent sounds, rat odors, and the rodents themselves. The most common thing linked to a rat infestation are the droppings, which indicates these creatures are active. Most of the time, the rat you will find in Alpharetta, Georgia is the Norway or the Roof rat.

Ideally, what an exterminator will do is trap the rats for easy removal. One of the most effective trapping methods involves snap traps, which are sometimes made out of metal though there are some made out of plastic or wood. These traps rely on a snap hinge that is meant to kill the rat quickly so it does not suffer. Usually the trap is effective because of the bait, and they are strategically placed.

Still, we believe exclusion is the best tool so we are going to seal off your property, such as your attic or basement after trapping the last rodent from the property. Prevention is the most humane option because removal is lethal to rats. No one wants to see dead rats in places like your basement, not even the exterminator.

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A rat can adjust to many living conditions. The habits each species exhibits can vary, which is one reason we are careful when attempting to identify them. It is always best to know the enemy to employ the best trapping technique. The roof rat is an amazing climber but has a hard time climbing trees. The roof rat may be able to get into a home through the roof but is likely living in sewers or ground burrows. The Norway rodent is not an effective roof climber, yet they are probably going to be found in the attic. Understanding these differences helps us figure out what kind of trapping method would work best.

Rodents have powerful chompers that can chew through a lot of materials, including common building materials. Of course, they take some time in order to gnaw or chew through wood and other structural materials but they definitely can. This compromises the overall integrity of a home or place of business. Rodents might even chew through electrical wires, and that could put everyone in danger. Part of the reason rats chew so often is because they have two front teeth that will grow until they die, so chewing helps them keep those teeth under control.

We will teach you how to make your property less attractive to rats after removal; for example, rats like having easy access to food, so no food should be kept out, and trash removal must be frequent. Fruits or nuts on the ground could also attract them, so if you have these trees, make sure you keep your ground clear.