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Our exterminator service enables you to eliminate your rat problem in your building's basement, attic, or anywhere else an invasion occurred. A rat becomes a nuisance when it searches for food, water or shelter in your Acworth, Georgia property. Since rats hide out of sight, our professional exterminators serve your best interest by inspecting various areas to see how the rat problem began. We plan a customized rat trapping, removal, and exclusion strategy unparalleled by other exterminators. Trapping and removal form the first steps to solve your problem.

Our experience shows that rat entry points need only be the size of a quarter, so we seal gaps in your basement, attic, along the roof, foundation, and along the building's exterior wherever rats may roam. Rats carry parasites such as fleas, mites, ticks, and lice, so our exterminators are your best friend to eliminate your problem. Allow us to show our expertise in trapping, removal, and exclusion of rodents.

Our Acworth exterminators follow effective steps for rat management: rodent inspection, rodent proofing (exclusion), population reduction by trapping and rodenticide, and sanitation by removal of dead rodents and also removal of their nests. Inspection for rat presence includes an exterminator looking for droppings, tracks, gnawing damage, burrows, runways, grease marks, urine stains, live or dead rats, sounds, and odors. Most commonly, droppings form signs of infestation. Our exterminators regularly encounter the Norway and roof rat in their trapping and removal experiences.

Snap traps form the best way to control rats indoors. An exterminator sets a snap trap made of metal, plastic, or wood to kill rats swiftly. Bait lures the rat to the trap, which is placed in areas showing signs of rat activity. Exclusion begins after our exterminator eliminates all rats inside a building and the removal of droppings and chewed material.

Exclusion provides the best means of general rat control. Sealing all entry points means that prevention of the rat problem by clean, safe and humane measures is well on its way to clearing your Acworth property of future unhealthy rat presences.

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Rats are known to adapt to many environments, so their exclusion from attic, basement, or inside the walls is important. Our exterminators pride themselves on studying the habits of roof rats and Norway rats. For instance, the roof rat climbs better than a Norway rat, but Norways also climb trees and use attics and roof rats may inhabit sewers and burrows.

Chewing habits wreak havoc on buildings. Rats gnaw because they must wear down teeth that grow throughout their lifetimes. They may gnaw large holes in floorboards, walls, wood, and plastic. Exclusion from chewing on wiring is paramount, due to the creation of electrical hazards such as frayed or gnawed wiring starting a fire.

Like all animals, rats seek food, water, and nesting sites. Rat removal means removal of easy sources of these things, such as garbage in and around the building. Fruit and nuts falling onto your Acworth property also attract pests of various kinds.