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Pests. They can be a pain to have and a pain to get rid of, but with the right pest control company, you can get the job done without too much trouble. Here is a little more about our pest control techniques, and services.

Raccoons are not as cute as they look. In fact, they are pests, especially when they are in your home crawling around in the attic. If you were to leave them alone and never do anything about them, there are certain things that might happen to your home over time. Eventually, the raccoons will destroy vent ducts, insulation around the pipes, and even your wooden beams. Over time, the pests will get bigger and could fall through the ceiling. They can chew electrical wire and even die in the house, which will become a big problem.

Animals, like raccoons, tend to nest, which means they birth and raise young where their "home" is located. In this case, it might even be your home. If you were to leave the pests alone in your attic, the raccoons could mate and multiply, causing a huge infestation. Eventually, this would lead to many of the above problems and become so problematic that the house would need to be completely renovated.

Raccoons are also unsanitary. When they are living in your attic, they will leave behind excrement, which is both stinky and disgusting. They also carry diseases like Ricketts, Salmonella, and Leptospirosis. They can also bring fleas, lice, and ticks into the home. Luckily, there are ways to rid the home of raccoons before they become out of control.

Before you can begin the removal process, you first need to assess the attic. You need to figure out if there are baby raccoons in the area, which is usually a big "yes." You then would need to remove the babies and the female from the attic and seal off any entry holes. Cleaning up after the pests is a good idea as well since it can start to stink after a while. It's not an easy job.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can prevent a future infestation of raccoons. If you suspect a possible infestation could happen, you can take these measures as well to prevent it happening at all. You can try using moth balls, coyote urine, and ammonia as a sort of raccoon repellant since there is none to speak of. You can also try using a raccoon eviction fluid, which is male raccoon scent that scares away only the pregnant or nursing female. The most effective way to prevent raccoons is to routinely inspect your attic for openings or holes through which raccoons can climb into.

If you suspect an infestation of raccoons, give us a call. Our technicians are trained to remove raccoons in the most effective and humane way. We service around metro Atlanta, and our professionals have years of experience in handling these kinds of infestations.

If you're having issues with pest infestations, specifically raccoons, in your home, a professional opinion is always a good idea. Though you can handle measures on your own, professional removal of raccoons in the attic is a service that helps people just like you get rid of pests in their home safely and humanely. Contact us today with your questions, concerns, and pest issues.

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