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It is important to choose a pest control company that has trained exterminators who can recognize different types of vermin. Some insects, arachnids or rodents hide in certain areas of a building, and the only way to eliminate the pests is by finding the vermin’s nesting locations. To destroy certain types of pests, an exterminator must know the species in order to select the correct chemicals to eradicate the vermin.

Exterminators must understand how to inspect every area of a home to find the pests that are lurking in hidden spaces. In some cases, the only way that an exterminator can determine the species of a rodent, arachnid or insect is by finding body waste, eggs or tufts of fur. Using the wrong pesticides in a home can lead to having a new generation of vermin that is resistant to the chemicals. This is why many exterminators are choosing to use sticky traps for rodents and biological chemicals for spiders and insects.

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When you have a problem with rodents or insects in a home, it is essential to find a professional exterminating company for your property. In addition to eliminating the filthy pests that are currently inside your home’s walls or attics, it is vital to prevent new infestations. Insects such as cockroaches can contaminate a kitchen’s countertops with bacteria that will lead to an illness, and rats can carry fleas that will inflict painful bites. If your home has a major infestation of vermin, then services are necessary to protect your family and property. Alternatively, you may want routine extermination service to keep ants or mice from invading your home. When you hire a pest control company, you want the exterminators to use bait traps or sprays that are safe for you and your pets.

Before entering your home for an inspection, an exterminator will walk around the perimeter of the building to look for holes near the foundation where rodents and other vermin can enter. Some rats are able to climb up downspouts or trees to reach a home’s attic to enter a rooftop’s chimney, and you might have hundreds of rodents living in an attic without realizing it. If you keep bags of trash or bowls of animal food on a patio, then these items can attract insects. Inside your home, we might see evidence of a mice infestation because there is a urine trail along the baseboards or hard waste droppings. If your home is cluttered, then pests can hide in piles of boxes or piles of clothing. When a pipe is leaking in a basement, insects and rodents might live in this area in order to have enough moisture for survival.

When a Vinings, Ga., home has a pest infestation, make sure to call Bug-Off Exterminators for an inspection. Insects, arachnids and rodents breed rapidly, and when you procrastinate only a few days to have pesticides applied to the surfaces inside or outside your home, the population of vermin will increase. If you are seeing only a few insects or one mouse, then there is a good chance that more pests are lurking under the floorboards or inside the walls of your home.

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