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It would be great if pests understood that they are not welcomed in a home, but the truth is that these nasty organisms will populate if allowed. You need professional exterminators that you can trust on your side. You need to make sure that the issue is eradicated, and this is something only experienced pest eliminators can help you achieve. You can rest assured that our team is made up of registered professionals who have trained to be efficient with some of the most successful pest control procedures available. Our experience has also given us the training needed to ensure the protection of your home or business whenever pest control services are needed.

Our pest control technicians have seen it all, which means that they can offer the same level of professionalism and effectiveness no matter the location. We have worked in numerous types of homes or businesses and understand how pests use these different types of environments. This knowledge should help us deal with the problem every time. Keep in mind that our company has garnered satisfied customers for decades now.

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Jeremy is an AWESOME technician at Bug-Off. He is always prompt, courteous and extremely professional. Since we've had him as our technician, we have never had a bug problem. Great Job!!!!

Termite treatment that we provide at Bug-Off employs the most current technology, including the HPII Termidor Injection System. This revolutionary technology enables our specialists increased precision in the treatment, as well as an even distribution of termiticide around the infested structure. Take advantage of a free termite inspection or get information by clicking the link.

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Homeowners dealing with a rodent or small critter infestation understand the unique challenges. Our service starts with an inspection for signs of wildlife, and then the specialist is able to provide services such as removal and insulation. We guarantee complete removal of rodents by performing a final inspection of the infested area. Don't hesitate to click the link to gather more information or arrange a free, professional inspection.

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Eliminating annoying mosquitos and preventing new ones from hatching in your yard can be extremely challenging. We provide a combination solution to exterminate the existing adult mosquitos with a mist, while at the same time destroying eggs and larvae with a product called In2Care. Follow the link to schedule your extermination, or to read more about our services.

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A survey shows that a home could have 32 to 211 different types of bugs. Most of these are not considered pests but some are, which is when you need a good exterminator. Pest control specialists who are passionate about what they do will ensure that your home is safe again. We treat our customers' homes like we treat our own.

The key thing you should know about our exterminating service is that we wear our experience on our sleeves. Sure, we have gadgets and solutions to help us deal with an issue, but we rely on our skills. You can be certain that you will receive the best pest control service at the lowest price you can expect for our caliber of expertise. Our team is capable of identifying the problem that you are having. We have complete faith in our solutions as they have been proven effective numerous times before. We will deal with the issue at hand and prevent another one from arising.

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Most of our customers can tell they made the right decision when we pay them a visit. We know that professionalism and experience takes our team a long way. The inspection that we provide to customers is meticulous as it should be. We will use the right products and tools to produce the best solution. There is no doubt that you will receive quality treatment that will be specified to your particular situation. We have been doing this long enough to know that no two pest issues are alike, so we must attack each one differently. Rest easy knowing that many of our products leave an active residue that will continue to keep pests from your property. You can have us return to your property throughout the year to make sure these creatures do not return.

Dedication is in the foundation of our company, and this is what we give to our customers. We cannot wait to restore your property to what it was before pests took over. Give us a call, or contact us for more information about how to schedule a visit or an inspection. We serve Suwanee and the surrounding areas. You can also contact us with any questions. We are waiting for you.

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